Monday, August 25, 2014

Vacation Time!

Hey all, not much going on in the sewing studio these days :( I have started quilting Off Course. I'm not going to bore you to death with  days and days worth of quilting in process pictures. I now have the quilting plan all plotted out, just have to sit down and DO IT!

But that's not why I'm popping in, to complain about not having sewn in days. I'm popping in to say I am heading out to see my parents in MN tomorrow. I thought the fact that they are celebrating SIXTY - that's a 6 AND a 0 folks - years of wedded bliss deserved a visit in person, not just a phone call. OK, we know in 60 years, it might not have always been blissful, but if you asked my dad - he would tell you,  "Yes, it was!" How sweet is that? :)

I'll be gone for a week. I'm leaving The Nugs and Rubi in the capable hands of my husband. . . . they are going to be spoiled beyond belief when I get back! 
This post was seriously lacking in pictures and this one is just too cute LOL
So have a great week and if for some odd reason, there happens to be some sewing going on there - I'll post :)

Have a wonderfully quilty week and keep on quilting on!!


  1. Safe journey my friend! Love the puppies :-)

  2. A very happy anniversary to your parents Judy, with many more to come!

  3. Have a wonderful time and Congratulations to your parents. Hope you find some nice quilt stores along the way!

  4. Safe travels and congratulations to your parents! What an awesome anniversary. I hope you enjoy your visit with them. :)

  5. I'm sooo excited to read about your trip and celebration with your parents! Safe travels, and hope the weather is warm enough for you, desert rat, lol!

  6. Oh, have fun! 60 years is really awesome these days.


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