Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PSST!! Come here!

Shhh, don't make a lot of noise, mom will hear you! It's Nugget! 

Remember me from this post???
Yup, I hacked into mom's account - but don't tell her! I wanted to let you know that I really was trying to help with that quilt - I'm telling ya, toooooo much orange! I love orange, but that was OVER THE TOP! So I helped her, really I did! Sometimes I think I should help her now, but oh boy, she got so mad - hyperventilating I tell ya!! I'm a good pup and I don't like to see mom mad so I don't do that anymore. Even though sometimes. . . I'm telling ya, she needs my help! But we will talk about that another day. . . 

I hacked in to Mom's account to tell you, the voting has started for the Pets on Quilts Show! Go over and vote for me if you think I'm cute. . . I'm number 12.

I thought maybe a puppy picture would help. . . AWWWW! How could anyone get mad at MY face???
Don't get me wrong, I'm a handsome boy and I don't have to throw down the puppy pictures but hey, all's fair OUOOOO! That's how I spell the sound of my howl - oh yeah, I howl, a lot.

Mom won't tell you about it and if she did she would probably tell you  to go over there and look at all of the great entries (she tells me 83!! . . . my number is 12) and vote for your favorite (ME! number 12) :) I'm not that magnanimous. . . did you see what I looked like as a puppy???

OK, I admit it, I'm workin' it here! Go vote!
 I should also show you a picture of my sister, Rubi. We fight constantly, but we wuv each other bunches. We're really not fighting most of the time, that's just how we play. See, here we are sharing:

This is what ya call team work folks!
Oops, gotta go! Mom's calling! Remember DON'T tell her! It'll be our little secret :) Hop over to Lily Pad Quilting and vote for your favorite in each of the categories!


  1. Who can resist your cute face? I am heading over there right now!

  2. Nugget I'm melting just looking at those adorbale puppy photos!

  3. Nugget you are just as funny as your Momma! I was LMAO! What darling baby pictures! I can see that Rubi has her hands full.

  4. Those baby blues have broken a heart or ten I'm sure! You are one sweet boy!!


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