Monday, August 4, 2014

Blog Hop: Phase II :)

Hi all!! Hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful weekend! Mine was busy. . . with not much to show. . . haha  Today is the day that the three lovely ladies that I tagged in last Monday's post will post their WIPs and share about their process and each of them will tag three more bloggers! Make sure to check out (in no particular order - if I could put them all first I surely would!) all three blogs, I'm so sure you are going to fall as in love with them as I am :)

Helen at Til We Quilt Again. Helen has a long arm quilting business, her quilting and the quilts she makes are absolutely amazing. I just know you are going to be inspired by her work! Helen is in NJ, USA

One of Helen's quilts. Sometimes I just go to her blog and look at this quilt. . . usually when I am ripping my hair out seams. . . or quilting . . . ;)
Marly at Marly's Quilts. Marly's quilts are very meticulously made! I met Marly through the Triangle Quilt Along. We limped along (I limped WAY more than she did!) together and were both able to finish and link up just under the wire :) Marly is in the Netherlands!

Marly's Triangle Quilt - Don't the colors just make you happy??
 Sandra at Musings of a Menopausal Melon. The name of her blog was what pulled me into her blog initially. The amazing quilts and her sense of humor is what had me hooked reading for hours much longer than I should have :) and keeps me coming back for more! Oh yeah, and she lives in Canada :)

This is Sandra's Gear Quilt! Too awesome for words!

I covered three countries and two continents! Now get to traveling! Hop over check out what these ladies have to share with you and stay for awhile, have a look around and say hi :)

Now just for a brief update. . . I have been working on stuff. . . really I have!! I decided Friday morning I was going to put my big girl panties on and quilt Off Course. . . I started with two leftover blocks, it looked good, I have a plan. . . then I started with the quilt. . . SID around one block, decided I wanted to see what it would look like on the quilt so started quilting. Got one wing of one goose done. . . started on the other side. WRINKLE. On the front. That 10 minutes of quilting something that kind of looks like McTavishing, took over an hour to pick out. :( It's back on the wall in time out!

Remember these?

Well I used this:

I DID NOT take this picture this way. . . have no idea why it turned and I'm too tired lazy to change it...
To make this:

Made from Rogue fat quarters I had laying around begging to be used for something.
I'm going to make a few tweaks, maybe make it smaller, it ended up being 14.5" x 25" (point to point). I of course started with bigger squares than the tutorial called for :) In my next post I will take better pictures, hopefully of the actual blocks, and how I made mine different :) AND more importantly, how the Sidekick ruler made making this block relatively easy - and I did not have to trim off on little iddy biddy piece to make this block look as it does - way cool!

Spin update. . . my binding hell. . . All looked good, flat as a pancake. . . hand sewing down binding, almost half way there and making great progress. . . and then . . . realized I had sewn the binding onto the back and was hand sewing the binding onto the front!! Come ON! I almost cried. Told my husband this quilt is destined NEVER to be finished :( Speaking of binding - Sharon Schambers has a seriously awesome binding tutorial. . . I have not done one like this yet but you can bet the next quilt I bind (like maybe Spin. . . ) will be done exactly like this!!

I think this one is going to have to be called Aqua Awesomeness.... 

Linking up with Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday, Anything Goes Mondays being hosted by Paula at the Sassy Quilter and Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday.

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. Oh man....I can't believe what you did with your binding! As soon as I read that my heart went out to ya....I follow Marley and Helen's blogs but am off to "meet" Sandra...thanks! :)

  2. How awful sewing the binding onto the back instead of the front. I used to do that too, and appliqué it onto the front!!! I thought that was how it was done. My source of information was a Leah Day video, but of course she sews the binding down by machine. When I tried her way it was a mess so I unpicked that and hand sewed it with teeny tiny stitches. I didn't know any better, so that was my way of binding for about six months or so!

  3. So sorry to hear you are still having so many binding difficulties! Sounds like you have a couple of quilts that deserve a bit of "time out". The Sidekick Ruler is really a cool tool. :) I'm off to go check out your friend's blogs!

  4. Oh your diamond block is beautiful! I am very interested to hear how you put yours together :-) I am so sorry that darn binding is giving you one heck of a time.

  5. Sorry to hear about the binding issue--hate to say it--I have done that a few times! On a brighter note--your diamonds are AMAZING! I have had that ruler for months now--You may have spurred me on to try it out!!

  6. I have done the same thing with binding before. It is always frustrating. I am so lazy that I would probably just keep stitching it to the front by hand. I want to get that sidekick ruler. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. The diamond block is beautiful, lovely colors. Binding is never fun, hope you were able to work out a solution to address your current bind (sorry, just couldn't resist).

  8. Your diamond block you made is wonderful! I love the colors and the sashing.


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