Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What to do, What to do. . .

I.don' . . does that ever happen to you? OK, I have my Square in a Square quilt top done, working on the back - more on that nightmare later LOL - and I am contemplating my next quilt. . . and contemplating and contemplating and contemplating . . . Maybe I have over thunk this thing.  Maybe I have just not hit on the perfect inspiration. Maybe it will come to me in my sleep. Which, BTW, has been very warm and cozy since finishing the bargello - did I tell you I finished it? Oh yes I did! I am surprised you haven't seen it somewhere. . . I even posted it on the pink flying pig purple people eater blog!! ;) Sorry, I digress. My next quilt is going to be for a teenage nephew. I have been contemplating different styles for months.  Just when I think I have the perfect idea, see the perfect inspiration, find the perfect tutorial . . . I either nix it or find something I like better.  Is there such a thing as quilt making ADD?? I might have it.  Seriously!  If you have any suggestions for boy quilts, please share!! Add to my conundrum!! OK, enough of that.  I have a few more days to ponder while I finish the SIS quilt - don't you like that better than typing out all those words? I do!! haha

Speaking of SIS. . . Let's talk about my latest little adventure shall we? I finished the front.  Thought I would have the back done yesterday. . . Oh, here is a picture of the finished top just to remind you :)

You can go here to see all the particulars about fabric and such.  OK the back.  I have two different 2 yard pieces of fabric and these 10 extra blocks.  Because this quilt is for the hubbin's aunt and uncle, I have been giving him final pick on design.  SO, my thought was two rows of 5 blocks sashed with the white and then the two pieces of fabric cut to size one on top, one on the bottom. . . easy peasy done... when I laid it out, not so impressed but it's the back of the quilt right?? Now the way to go at that point would have been sew that sucker together and call it good. . . but you all know that is not what I did don't you? grin . . . I had the two rows of blocks all sewn together with the sashing. . . hmmm, maybe I'll wait till the hubbins gets home. . . NOOO! Don't do it!! LOL I did and here is the end result - I am now ripping those blocks apart.  One comment in the conversation about what to do that jumps right out was "You can't send out a 'lazy' quilt" . . . I didn't exactly say it was the lazy way - it was the easiest . . . OK, maybe it was the lazy, just get it done and move onto the next even though you have no idea what you are going to do for the next quilt way. . . Right. So on with the ripping stitches, cutting and piecing. Nothing extravagant, just the right way to finish this one off, not the galloping horse way ;)

In other news, I am organizing my stash. . . ummm, who knew one could amass so much in just a matter of a couple of months?? grin I bought 200 comic boards. . . I need to order more. . . Don't judge me!! LOL I'll be showing the end result off when it is finished.  That might take awhile.... Maybe in the process I'll hit on the right inspiration for my nephew's quilt!!!!

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  1. I completely get the contemplating and contemplating and over-thinking thing - you made me laugh!

  2. I think I could spend as much time thinking about what to make as making it! Totally relate to the Quilter's ADD. And I'm so not going to judge your comic boards. I started with 500, used them all, and now using recycled cardboard too. Admittedly, some of the mini-bolts needed 2-3 comic boards for stability but still. My mum is the saintly one who wrapped much of it for me. Now to find space for it all... :-)

  3. Great pictures! I love that you sashed your blocks in white before adding the borders. What a gorgeous top! Looking forward to your sharing pics of your neatly stacked stash!

  4. It's a beautiful quilt and I should think the Uncle & Aunt will be delighted.They won't know you chose a simple backing unless someone tells them, and they won't think it was easy unless someone substitutes easy for simple (which in this case are not synonyms) when telling the tale. But perhaps your DH knows more about quilts than mine.
    Question: what are comic boards?

  5. The best thing about finishing a quilt is justifying buying more fabric--you can do it!

  6. Hermosas tus colchas. Me encantan.
    Saludos desde Chile

  7. Really like the squares, look forward to see how you finish it off. The colours are so amazing and even more when it's the same golden coloured frame around them before the sashing. They remind me of a project I squirrelled away somewhere in a bag - yes, I think we all get the 'I'll just try this, or maybe this, or wow, I like this...' at some time, that's how we get so many works in progress. But it's good that we make progress.


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