Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

Late to the party! How unusual for me! LOL This post is picture heavy word lite :) I thought I was finished with SIS except for binding. . . put it on the wall and realized I had not quilted one of the squares. . .  DOH!  So enjoy the pictures and I am off the quilt the forgotten square (green one, second row. . . ) oh and rip some stitches.  I thought I wanted to do a design in the outside batik square - decided I hated it after doing three.  Why can't that decision be made after one??? I have one left to rip.  Anyway, I said word LITE, I'm going to stop writing and go finish that quilt! ;)

Love how the outside squares are 'puffy'
Quilting shows up well on the back.  Got pretty darn close to having the back and front exactly in the same place.... that my friends is called luck! :)

That square right there has the design that needs to be ripped.

Last one!
I am off to finish this baby! :) I already have the fabric for the next one pulled, starched and ready to cut. . . Will have more on that soon!

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Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. Very nice quilting! I'm impressed that you got the backing lined up so perfectly that the quilting you did on top matches the back "just so" as well.

  2. Are you a longarmer? Either way nice job!!

  3. Great quilting! I do that all the time, if it's not edge to edge I always forget something. I check twice before taking it off the frame and still that one little spot I have to go back and do.

  4. The quilting looks wonderful! I love those puffy squares and the little orange peel flowers in the centers. The pieced backing is beautiful. Don't you love it when you can line up the back? It sure looks fabulous!

  5. This is really neat! I love the puff - is that a poly batt instead of cotton? And are you serious about that backing alignment?? :D I seriously thought this must have been constructed of quilt-as-you-go squares!!

  6. Wow! I wish some of your luck would rub off on me. ;) Your backing and quilting look amazing.

  7. Thats super clever being able to match up the back squares like that, well done

  8. Great quilting, good work on matching the back, very special!

  9. Beautiful and how did you get the back aligned so perfectly!! Thanks for sharing.
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