Friday, February 7, 2014

AQS Quilt Show and Other Stuff

I went to the AQS quilt show yesterday in Phoenix - HOLY WOW!! Talk about being overwhelmed with the awesomeness of very talented quilters!! I walked around with my mouth hanging open, not a very attractive look I am sure but I couldn't help it! ;) The most exciting thing that happened to me at the show? I walk around the corner and see this:

Ripple Effects II Made by Mariane at The Quilting Edge
O.M.G.!!!! OK, I admit it, I squeeeeled and I might have broken out into a slight run and I might have even put my hand over my mouth. . . . Seriously, this was more exciting than seeing . . . well, George Cloony, Brad Pitt and I don't know, think of all of the things that excite you the most all in one place!  I have been reading Mariann's blog since I started quilting (I admit, not that long ago) and she has been the source of much inspiration and information.  But this quilt, THIS quilt has been my absolute favorite of all of her creations and the source of inspiration for my 'circle quilt.'

Blogged about here.
I could have stood there staring at it forever! You peeps are lucky I made it home to write this post! LOL Do you know that I was so overwhelmed I did not buy ONE thing???  Now THAT my friends is me being completely STAR STRUCK! :) Had to share that, still a little overwhelmed by it all, never in a million years did I ever think I would see that quilt in person, oh and she won an award for piecing in the Modern Quilt Challenge.  CONGRATULATIONS Marianne :)

Enough gushing, oh, did I mention I might have shed a tear? LOL, really enough already!! On to what is happening with SIS . . . nothing.  I spent the day at the quilt show yesterday.  The day before I spent the day staring at the back of the quilt hanging on the design wall not sewn together. . . . trying to decide how the heck I am supposed to piece it. . . you see, the design my husband picked was likely the most difficult to piece - I of course did not realize this when I showed it as an option. . . or it wouldn't have been shown as an option!  I 'think' I have figured it out and will work on it today and over the weekend - basically, this is going to be a reversible quilt because the back is going to be just as pleasing as the front.  Why do I do this to myself??? Someday I might figure out the answer to this question . . . maybe LOL

Linking up with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday. If you are here from there, welcome! Have a look around :) If not, head on over for a wealth of inspiration!!

Until next time, keep on quilting!

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  1. Oh boy, all the blogs I've seen recently that have been to the AQS - I am putting it on my bucket list (I live a little too far away to be able just pop by each year!) Awesome quilts!

  2. You are adorable! Love this post and Loved YOUR quilt...feeling inspired....

  3. Eek, that makes me even more excited to head down to the AQS tomorrow. I'm visiting Phoenix for a week and found out that it was on just before I came for my weeks holiday. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us!!

  4. Ah, that first big quilt show! Thanks for reminding me of that "OMG-totally-overwhelmed-but-so-inspired-that-I'm-positive-I-could-absolutely-make-anything" feeling. It's quite delicious, isn't it? ;-) Now, just let it carry you through that quilt on your design wall!

  5. I am so enjoying your blog. I am going to add it to my reading list. I recently discovered Quilting Edge. And this curvy block is my favorite too. I completely understand how you felt at the show. Thank you for sharing this. I am adding this broken circles quilt to my wish list. You are awesome!!!


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