Saturday, May 2, 2015

PSST, It's me, Nugget!

I haven't hacked mom's blog account in awhile and since she seems a little too preoccupied to share what has kept her away from the blog, so I'm spilling the beans! 

Things in my world were turned topsy turvy two weeks ago today. All of a sudden my crate is being taken apart (that is my bed, I love sleeping in my crate!) and hauled into the living room. . . What the heck?? I was very concerned! And then Rubi's crate was taken apart and hauled into the living room!! We sat in a corner and contemplated what might be happening. . . were they sending us away?? Don't send me away! I'm sure whatever happened Rubi did it!! 
"I don't like this one little bit, Rubi!" "I don't like it either, Nugget!" What I didn't tell her is that if someone is going, it is going to be her!
Then other piles started being made on the living room floor. Bags of stuff. Lots of stuff. . . What is going on?? This went on all day Saturday (two weeks ago) and then on Sunday they started packing all of these piles into the Jeep. . . First the crates went in, then the crates went out. . . it was very confusing. And mom kept saying something about room for her sewing machine. . . I was totally surrounded by craziness and I laid in the corner pretending I was sleeping so maybe they wouldn't notice me!
Pretty good fake sleeper huh?
Then we all got in the Jeep. Now, I love Jeep rides! It typically means we are going to the mountain to run alongside the bicycles and we love that! But this is different. They aren't wearing their bike riding clothes. . . but the bikes are on the back of the Jeep. . . This really is concerning! So I jumped around, fussed and made quite the pest out of myself for what seemed like DAYS! We rode in that stupid Jeep (no, not a fan of Jeep rides that take all day!!) until it was dark out! Then we pull up to this log cabin. . . Is this my new home? What is going on??? We went in, sniffed around (I sniffed, Rubi sniffed but for some reason human's don't think this is required duty for new places. I think this is silly on their part!). While we were sniffing all that stuff that was packed into the Jeep came into this cabin. . . I was not getting it! And then they said I had to go to bed. . . but my crate didn't fit in the Jeep so I didn't have a bed to get into!! I paced. And cried. And kept everyone awake. Then a brilliant idea was hatched. They put me in the nice tiled shower with a glass door. AHHH, cool tiles and I'm enclosed. Perfect sleeping conditions and the truth was, I had an exhausting day! I slept so good that I had to be woken up in the morning! I typically do the waking up around here so that was pretty amazing!

So we stayed in this strange but lovely place for days and days. . . I did not like the shower the second night, kept everyone up the entire night just to make sure it was well known that I did not like this situation at all. For some reason the floor was wet. . . how is a pup that hates water supposed to sleep in those conditions??? So we went to the store and bought crates :) And I was happy again.

We got to go to a dog park and I met lots of new friends! I was so happy to be able to run like the wind and be off my leash! And we met a woman there that does fostering for puppies! When we weirdly packed everything up after what seemed like forever, we donated the crates to her and her rescue. Win for me and Rubi and win for those puppies and their new forever homes! :)

And then, just when I was thinking this place is pretty cool and I think I like it here, all that stuff got packed pack up in the Jeep, we all got in and started down the road. I sure hope it doesn't take all day!! I was a little (not much) more calm this time. At least Rubi and I didn't think we were being sent away! We did get a little bit of rest on the way home. . . 
Rubi slept more than me. . . She didn't like the Jeep ride too much!
And then after a very long ride in which I am pretty sure Pops was possessed and didn't let us out once to sniff or potty or nothing (BTW, mom didn't get to get out either and she was kind of grumpy by the time we pulled in our driveway!) we pulled into our driveway! I knew we were headed home about 10 miles out. I could smell it, we were going home!!

We ran through the house and out the back door to the back yard, AHHH my back yard!! I had to mark everything all over just to make sure it is well known that this is my territory! Rubi was so happy the freak did a face plant in the grass!! On purpose! I was a howling fool though so between the two of us, I'm sure we were quite the site! 

So there you have it, we have been on 'vacation'. . . I'm still not sure I liked this thing called vacation (I had never slept away from my home and crate before) but I do know I am really glad to be home!

Mom will be back soon. Very soon. She couldn't fit her sewing machine in the Jeep. She went 11 days without sewing. . . yeah, that has to be figured out if we do this vacation thing again because she was a little grumpy once in awhile and talked about something called withdrawals. . . I don't know what those are, but I do know that it makes Mom grumpy! She's been playing with some pretty fabric today so I'm sure you'll all get the update soon! I'll end this post with a couple of pictures from our trip. 

View from porch of the cabin. We were in the southwestern portion of Colorado.

This picture was taken in Northern AZ.
Another northern AZ picture.
I'm sure you'll get a few more details about this epic adventure from Mom shortly! I gotta get off the computer now. . . she's over there rolling around in fabric but I'm pretty sure any minute now she is going to realize that I have been at her computer for awhile :) Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. :) Looking forward to seeing this fabric your mom has been rolling around it. You are a super brave doggie.

  2. Hahaha, you are quite the story teller Nugget! Beautiful pic's.

  3. Nugget, you had me busting a gut with laughter! You and Ruby be especially good for your mom this week - she needs her quilting therapy.

  4. I am going to keep this low Nugget so mom doesn't hear me! You and Rubi need to do some "Dogtective Work" by making sure mom is prepared with some hand projects next time. If mom is alittle stumped on ideas you sneak back on this contraption and just give a howl. Your mom has many friends and I am sure we can help her out with ideas. If you really want to shock mom--hop in your shower at home!!!!

  5. Lovely photos! You must be getting twitchy after 11 days without sewing!

  6. I love, love, love this post!!!
    Sweet Blessings to the whole Dog Family!

  7. Crazy Nugget ;-) Glad you found a new crate to your liking for you vacation. You sure visited some pretty country!! Hug Momma once of twice Sewing withdrawal is not a think to be taken lightly ;-)

  8. Sounds like you need a bigger car, ha ha. Lovely pics!

  9. Lol. Rubi and nugget are the best! Did you ever make it to the quilt shop?

  10. Loved this post, you hack moms account more often Nugget! Glad you had a great holiday!

  11. ha, that was great! You should check out V&Co's recent post by Judgey-Cat

  12. I grew up in Arizona and traveled it well. It's abosolutely beautiful and am so glad you got to see and absorb it's unique beauty!!


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