Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Creative Space

Today is my day to share my creative space! Have you seen the posts related to where people create? Julie over at Pink Doxies started this game of tag so we could see where "regular people like us" create. Fun, right?? Sandra over at Musings of a Menopausal Melon tagged me. I did some upgrades to my sewing space last September (I cannot believe it was that long ago!!) and I have to say, I still love it and wouldn't change a thing! In that post, you can see what my sewing space looked like before I added my ironing table and cutting table. You might notice there is a bit of a difference in the amount of fabric that is being stored displayed under the ironing table! OK, it's messy. I have not been good about putting fabric on comic boards as it is delivered. . . Do you find it difficult to bust up those bundles??? I have pretty much emptied that magic fabric chest and most of the fat quarters to half yards are now out in the open and breathing fresh air ;)

My studio is on one side of the living room. It is a large open space which is great (15'x18'. . . room for a long arm in there!!!). The one thing I have not figured out completely is lighting. I live in the desert. There are patios around the entire house to keep the sun from beating down into the house. Natural lighting is a bit scarce not because there are no windows, but because the shades spend most of there time in the down position. I'm thinking floor lamps. . . I just need to find that 'perfect' one, or two, that will fit the bill. Want to see what it looks like today? Well, here it is!

Wide angle view:
Umm, yeah, the industrial sewing machine is once again covered in fabric and 'stuff'. . . No, it hasn't been used since that post in September :(

Front door close by so when happy mail arrives, I am right there to grab it accept the delivery :)
First the design wall, I don't know how I functioned without it!! This was something I put up about three or four months after I started quilting. It's been with me awhile and probably needs a little attention. . . It is two 4'x8' foam insulation boards covered with cotton batting. I covered the two boards separately. I think when if I recover these boards I will attach them so they are one board. I thought having two would be convenient but quite honestly, it has been more of a pain. As you can see, I have room to have the two boards together and I really have not had a need over the past year and a half to separate the boards. They are a pain to keep together since they are not attached to anything. And yes, that is Modern Maples hanging around. . . that is the fourth or fifth layout I have tried. . . I'm thinking this is it. . . . maybe. . . more on that in another post :)

My sewing table:
Notice that the cutting table is right up against the sewing table? Now the larger quilts do not fall off that side of the table! This has been a really cool added bonus of having a cutting table! :)
I have never had another sewing table so I don't have anything to compare it to. What I can tell you is that this one is fabulous!! LOTS of room to the back of the table and space to the left forming an L shape and even space to the right which as you can see has become my catch all for things like thread, needles, glue, rulers. . . whatever notions I need for the project on which I am working. AND the sewing machine is sunken to the level of the table. This makes for quilting heaven :) It is made by TailorMade and is the Quilter's Dream Model. The drawer unit on coasters is especially convenient as I can move it around at my whimsy. I have never regretted this purchase. Ever.

My cutting table:
Convenient little space to the left to store my light table :)
Love that this table is long enough that there is space for my rotating cutting mat and/or a space to put cutting scraps. Working on this larger, higher cutting table has been wonderful!
I researched for a very L O N G time before I settled on this solution for my cutting table. There are so many very clever solutions people have devised and shared and there are many very nice (read expensive, really expensive) cutting tables made by various different manufacturers. I looked at them all (OK maybe not all but it certainly felt like it!!). I was ready to bite the bullet and spend a fortune on a cutting table and then came to my senses. . . that money could be better spent on fabric right?? The cutting table top is a table top from Ikea! I put the top on three cabinets from ClosetMaid (Model # 898200). More storage!! For the cabinet that faces the wall, I left the doors off so it is the perfect place to hide stuff like starch, spray baste, water spritzing bottles (that's a technical term!!) and any other sewing related item that I need but don't need ALL of the time and would rather not have them displayed :) I keep batting scraps and tape for quilt basting on the other end and the middle cabinet is surprisingly . . . empty. . . ??? I know! The cabinets plus the width of the table top make this cutting table the perfect height for this short girl ;) I also bought a large cutting mat for the top. I think this is my most favorite part of this table!

My ironing table/fabric storage unit:
Lighting is not good in this corner. I'm on the lookout for the perfect floor lamp to put between the sewing cabinet and the ironing table. Yes, I have some organizing to do with fabric purchases stacked thrown in that top left cubby. . .

Probably should have moved that iron cord huh? :)
The ironing table top is the same table top from Ikea covered in batting and fabric! I absolutely LOVE having this much 'ironing area', another technical term :) The cubicles are from ClosetMaid (Model # 425600). The ironing table is tall and I had a major debate with myself about whether or not it would be functional. I am happy to say that after 6 months of continuous use, I really, really like it! Having blocks closer to these old eyes is a good thing! I have been known to use my kitchen step stool when ironing yardage :) Bet you'd like to see a picture of that! Definitely not going to happen. LOL

I absolutely love the fabric storage portion of this ironing table! I also store my rulers (what a collection!!) and books in these cubbies. I have yardage for background fabric and backings, flannel, books and a few bundles in the cubies that face my sewing machine. The majority of my stash is in those front six cubbies along with my rulers. I opted to put the third unit behind the middle unit and have just one cubby for storage and the other cubby to extend the width of the front cubby (clear as mud huh?). This works well for ruler storage since some of them are longer than the depth of the unit.

There you have it! The part of my world where I create. And let's be honest, spend the majority of my time! :) Now it is my turn to tag another to share their creative space! I have asked Preeti, who blogs at Sew Preeti Quilts, to share her creative space next week. Preetie makes the most beautiful quilts AND she has the most clever and creative tutorials on the web! I'm not kidding, check out her tutorials page and prepare to be amazed! I still look at her quarter square triangle tutorial and shake my head - clever, easy and how did she come up with this??? If you haven't had the pleasure of making Preeti's acquaintance, take a moment to check out Preeti's blog and say "Hi!" :)

Have a wonderful creative day, week, month ;) I'll be participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side. It starts tomorrow!! Come back and to see which quilt(s) I decide to link and consider joining in on the fun! :) 
Linking up with Kelly for NTT!

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. It's wonderful to see your entire room Judy! I've seen glimpses in the past, and I REMEMBER your ironing board creation, and I must do that too; I'm about done with dropping bad words when I try to iron a quilt back on my half pressing area (the other half is the cutting table. One of the things about having a creative space that is in progress, is that I can detour at will until the building begins! Love to see your stash...I was thinking you're so on top of things that you probably have like 3 or 4 max fabric piles stacked together for each of the 3 or 4 quilts they are going to grow up into. The current layout of Modern Maples is looking good! Love that sewing desk/cutting table. The correct height (or lack thereof lol) is so important, n'est-ce pas? Good idea, too, on the short table for your laptop! Thank you for allowing us all to have a peek!

  2. Getting to see your space again is really fun, Judy. I love how large your design wall is; mine is feeling small and cramped these days. I think I will be moving it shortly even thought it will mean it will be further away from my sewing machine. I also agree that your sewing table looks fabulous! The L shape looks really perfect and convenient for when you are quilting. I have an OttLite that I really like for when it is dark in my room, and Joann's is actually having a big sale OttLites right now ( ;)

  3. Love your clever solution to a cutting table Judy! It really has all the perks of the uber expensive ones and it was very clever to combine the Ikea top with the Closetmaid bottom. It is super to have an ironing board at the right height and that pulls double duty. (Right height and double doody sounds like a toilet marketing campaign, LOL) I love your seriously huge design wall! Yeah I can see why you say you want better lighting, but other than that this place you create in is heaven!

  4. Love your set-up, Judy. It looks so functional. Sometimes I wish for a nicer pressing area, but I like being able to fold it and put the board away. Do you like having your design wall slanted?

  5. I am so... envious of you wide open space. Tell me you were lucky enough to take over the living! Just love you ironing station and fabric storage. Ater seeing you wonderful room--I now offical think I am a hoarder!!! Haha

  6. Thank you for sharing so much of your process in designing a space that truly works for you. It takes quite some time, and loads of tweaking the arrangement until we find just what works, and then sometimes that need changed again. I hear you when you say there are already ways you would like to improve some things like lighting. I hope that by sharing lots of good ideas like you've done sewists will think about their space in a more personal way. What works for one may not suit another's needs at all.

    I envy everyone's ironing areas, including yours. I'm still, , ironing on a mini! In an emergency, I'll cover a plastic table with a king sized batting folded in about 3-4 layers, and use that. Not terribly convenient, but practical.

    The only thing missing here is a picture of YOU in your wonderfully Creative Space! Maybe next time around. Thank you again.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  7. Your space looks so big and wonderful! Your sewing table setup is fantastic and looks so functional. The one thing my space lacks is a good ironing space, so I'm always interested in what others do. Thanks so much for sharing where all the magic happens!

  8. Wonderful space! Yes, lighting is critical so finding a solution will help a lot! My space was ugly and I decided to clean it up, paint the walls and ceiling, and install new lighting. The room is just better looking than that ugly striped '70s wallpaper! I have mounted my foam design wall with a single screw at the center of the top of each panel. My design walls are wonderful to have. I have an 8' X 8' and a 8' X 7' area. I wish I had more! I will be checking out the other spaces you mentioned in your post! Have a great weekend!

  9. Dear Judy,
    your working space is amazing - so well structured! The design wall is great - I don't have one but I would really like to. I'm dreaming of a sunken sewing machine - the plan is already there, but it will be made when we move into a new flat.
    Have a nice weekend!

  10. How fun seeing your sewing space! I totally wish I had a cutting station like that with extra storage underneath!

  11. Thank you for sharing your sewing space. I am in the process of purging excess in my apt. And then I want to have my living room split between my sewing area and living room. Is that the only fabric you have? I wondered if there was more fabric behind the design wall as that's on an angle. Lighting is so important and more so as I have more birthdays. i wonder if you can change the window covering so it closes up from the bottom which would leave the top area open to light. Sort of like a reverse shade. I have a couple Ott lamps including the floor model. Lately when I've seen lamps with the special daytime lighting feature at Costco, I've bought them as I can have them in different places. I would love to have a new lamp by Stella or called Stella. I saw it earlier this year at a large wuilt show. Again, thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for a peek inside where all your magic happens. (I always enjoy seeing others spaces!!)

  13. That was a fun look at your work space! Hey were did you find the Bloggers quilt festival logo code?

  14. Table envy here - that looks like a great set up and tons of space for a big quilt! thanks for showing us your sewing room - i love these posts!

  15. Nice sewing space! I love that you pointed out that you have room for a long arm :) The design wall looks handy, better than having to constantly sweep the floor to lay out blocks - ha! I'm house hunting now and a sewing room is something that I keep considering as I look.

  16. What a great space Judy! I wouldn't mind to have such space either, lol.


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