Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seems like FOREVER. . .

Since my last post!! I haven't been slacking in the quilting department. . . cleaning and household chores, well. . . . we won't discuss that right now, K? ;)

A quick post to show you what I have been up to over the past several days.  First, I read Marelize's (Stitch by Stitch) review of Fine Line Quilting Rulers.  I have been eying these for awhile.  Her review pushed me over the edge (OK, OK I was standing very close already and it didn't take a real hard push to send me over and I didn't get hurt so there is that lol).  I ordered them on Friday and received them on Monday!! Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is fast service!  You can see videos of the rulers being used and get information from the Accents in Design web site and the videos are also on their You Tube Channel.


I bought the 6" arc and the 6" straight rulers.  I thought I would test drive them before committing to the set. . . Oh man, I REALLY wish I had committed to the set!!  I have been having a BLAST with them :)  Here are my first attempts - and those are first attempts people, I think they look pretty good and I'm not crediting my great skills in FMQ for these results ;) These rulers really are a dream to work with! Just a reminder - I do not have a long arm, I am quilting on my Janome 7700.

The top two were the very first squares I completed.  I wanted to see what it would look like to be inconsistent with the arcs... not bad, maybe with a little more order to that inconsistency it would look good.  And in the first line on the one in the lower left you can see where I obviously slipped - that was more about me getting used to the set up than anything else.
I was just messing around with these.  On the top one I used the ruler for the lower zig zag and did free hand with the other two, I just wanted to see the difference. . . Definitely a difference IMHO. 
These squares are 4"x 4" so they are not real big.  I am making a background piece for when I take pictures of blocks :) I got the idea from Connie over at Freemotion by the River.  She had the blocks she had made laying on a white quilted piece - it looked so cool! So I decided to try out my rulers, practice general FMQ:

And generally just play around.  I haven't done that in awhile and I don't know why - this is SOO much fun! :) 

OK one more thing before I go tend to that laundry and cleaning that has been a little neglected.  I have also started another quilt.  It is a fractured log cabin.  Here is my first block (OK, it's really four blocks sewn together but you know what I mean ;)

I'm thinking not enough contrast between the larger size middle block and the next strip.... not that I'm changing it for this block. :)
The quilt blocks will finish at 20."  So here's what I have not decided. . . QAYG? Maybe do PINK binding between the blocks? I put that in caps cuz when I'm saying pink I'm not talking just pink, I'm talking SHOCKING pink :)  What do you think? 

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Until next time, keep on quilting!!

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  1. Your excellent machine quilting would be so inspiring if I weren't sooooo busy. I'll have to check back for more. Thanks

  2. I usually like shocking pink and orange, but I can't wrap my imaginary vision around it for that block. (My monitor is giving the orange more of a gold than a bright look.) Cranberry maybe?

  3. You may have been using the rulers, but there is no doubt you are talented to be able to use them, so you deserve a lot of credit!

  4. You've done some wonderful quilting here but have the rulers really made a difference. I think your FMQ was good already. I read Marelize's post too, but I don't understand how you use the rulers. Clearly they haven't been designed for drawing lines, so how do you use them? I realise you can't take a photo of yourself while sewing, but maybe you can persuade someone else to operate the camera. I look forward to seeing more on these rulers.

  5. The quilting is incredible! Pink and Orange are a great combination, Judy!!! Go for it!

  6. love the quilting and your quilt is looking good as well.

  7. First time reading your blog. I love your ideas. I've also wonder to buy or not these rulers to try on my HSM. I usually try to avoid straight lines to avoid marking the quilt. Maybe I can put that on my to-do list for my holidays.


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