Friday, February 14, 2014

A Friday Finish :)

SIS is finished! I have to say, I LOVE how this turned out! The back was a total PITA to piece but so worth it in the end! I think I might just like the back better than the front!! Going to show pictures first :)

Washed and crinkly - LOVE it :)

My husband did a good job in picking out the sashing and inner square colors doncha think? :)

Another close up :)

I could get the entire quilt when it was turned sideways... just flip your computer LOL

Last one of the front, pinky swear!! :)
 On to the back, pretty much my favorite part of this quilt! Is that wrong? grin

Lined up pretty close. . . again, there was definitely a certain amount of luck involved here!!

Love how the open parts of the back look like squares :)

And the other side :)

Just a few more
I flipped the picture but it didn't look right. . . just tilt you head ;)

Last one! Thanks for hanging in there!!
The stats on this quilt:

Finished size: 72" x 84"

Fabric: Xanadu by Moda Jelly Roll and Charm pack, yellow square around charm - Sunnybrook Farm by Exclusively Quilters, white sashing front and back - Painter's Canvas by Michael Miller in White, border and binding - Xanadu by Moda, yellow and tan on back - I think this is Sketch by Timeless Treasures. . . 

Batting - Quilter's Dream Wool

Quilting - Quilted on my Janome 7700 with King Tut Sunflowers thread.  I used my walking foot with stitch length set at 4.5 for the middle of the white sashing and the rest of the quilt was FMQed with very little marking.  I decided to leave the outside squares unquilted because I liked the puff :)

Overall, this was a fun quilt to make.  I had issues with the back but that had more to do with my math skills and no solid plan before I started cutting. . . probably not the smartest way to go when one has just enough fabric to finish the job! I blogged about the pattern used and my process here.  The pattern called for a 1.5 inch strip around the charm.  I used 2 inch strips and had NO leftover from the Jelly Roll strips.  Nice if you don't want to have scraps :)

One thing to note - when you are buying Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs - make sure you know exactly how many are in the pack - the Xanadu packs had 40 pieces.  If the pack had 42, it would have been perfect for making a 6 block by 7 block quilt.  Because it had 40, I decided to make the square around the charm bigger and do 5 blocks by 6 blocks and use the leftover blocks on the back.

Already have my next top over half finished! I've been saying I have been itching to start another project!! Will be posting on it as soon as it is finished! :)

Linking up with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday.  If you are here from there, WELCOME! If you haven't visited Finish it up Friday (really, is there anyone who doesn't visit this linky party??) hop on over and check it out! You are sure to find some inspiration!!  More inspiration over at TGIFF! Linking up there too :)

Until next time, keep on quilting!!

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  1. Lovely quilt you must be very pleased, I think the back is great too....

  2. I love it when the backs are pieced. Great job!!

  3. Wonderful quilt. The back is as amazing as the front!

  4. Love the colors in your quilt.

  5. Nice finish. I love the quilty texture you captured in the photos.

  6. Great quilt! I love the back too - you did a fabulous job on both.

  7. It turned out beautifully! I also love the back almost as much as the front. So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  8. Wonderful job! Impressive work lining up the backing so that the quilted squares are aligned! Yikes!

  9. Wow - luck was definitely on your side! Beautiful quilt, and thanks for the great description on how you quilted. I have been burned several times on precuts too - most recently I got a jelly roll to make the summer in the park design, and was two strips short from what the tag said. Messed up the whole pattern.


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