Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Double Pinwheels - Progress!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have progress! :) I finished all 12 of the double pinwheel blocks, YAY! I pondered a little bit yesterday about how to proceed and decided - I'll start on the other side of the design wall and put those blocks together - I decided this was a better plan than standing there sticking my tongue out at it! haha So I started piecing and guess what?  They were all cut right except for the last two!! Now this isn't so bad!  Do you ever do this? Run into a glitch, throw a tantrum and walk away for a couple of days? ;) AND, I am soooo glad I decided to check the measurements on both the print and the light pink for size before recutting. . . I thought the print triangle was too small.  Turns out the pink triangle was too big!!  And those were the last two squares I had cut. . . I might have started celebrating early and cut those triangles after a glass of wine. . . grin And even better? The block I had started with creatively sewing - I didn't have to rip it out and was able to finish the block with no issues - even better!! :)

Here are some pictures of the blocks just waiting to be sewn together:

They are 'squared up' . . . a close inspection will confirm this is my first attempt at double pinwheels . . . going to lose some points for sure!

The dark pink solid is going to be the sashing fabric.

Because I want to finish another quilt at the same time I finish this one (want the recipients to get them at the same time), I am going to start cutting for another quilt today. . . guess what? MORE triangles! :)  Glutton for punishment huh?  This quilt is going to be made out of these Oakshott cottons (pictured below my ramblings haha) with a few prints. . . designed by who you ask? Kaffe Fassett of course ;)  They are being delivered today!  Did you catch that sale over at Craftsy?? They had yardage of several KF prints on sale for 7.99 a yard!! And the fat quarter bundle was on sale too - how was a girl to resist??? I think the yardage I bought might be turned into the backing for both of these quilts :) 

LOVE the colors :)

Close up of Fat Eighths

Close up of Fat Quarters

And what am I going to sew these lovelies into?  Guess what came in the mail yesterday? THIS :)

This is the Creative Grids 60 Degree Ruler - triangles up to 12"!!! Be still my big block lovin' heart!! :-D

OH YEAH! This is still coming together in my brain - yeah that dangerous place that doesn't do math well LOL BUT this is going to be a log cabin type triangle block modified from the Log Cabin Pyramid QAL over at Lady Havartine's blog.  I will start with bigger middle triangles and only put one or two logs on the fire ;) I'm thinking I want this quilt to be mostly solids so will do solid middles, a strip of print and then a solid log around the outside. . . We'll see, the plan is to kind of improv this one as I go . . . yeah that could be disaster in the making as well! 

That's my plan and I'm sticking to it!! Linking up with Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts for LET'S BE SOCIAL!, Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and Kelly over at My Quilt Infatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday.  If you are here from one of these parties, WELCOME! And if you haven't been, hop on over and get yourself a BIG dose of inspiration and join the party of course! :)

Until next time, keep on quilting!!

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  1. Love the colours. So calming. Triangles are fun too. I am working on two simultaneous triangle quilts too!

  2. Congrats on getting those blocks done! Set backs can slow me down too. ;) The second quilt will be neat too.

  3. Love the fabrics you're using- I'm a kaffe girl myself :-) Glad that everything is working out in the end...

  4. I don't think I've seen double pinwheels before although it seems like I should have. they are fantastic!
    have fun with the triangles. I'm tackling one next month!

  5. Progress is good :) Isn't it nice when things fall into place after all?

  6. Love your fabrics and I love pinwheel quilts, its going to be fabulous when you are finished.

  7. Yes, your pinwheel blocks look fabulous! Great pictures, too! And you scored big time on that fabric. Hey, if your log cabin triangle thing doesn't go as planned, why not consider joining me for the triangle quilt along at The Sassy Quilter blog? It starts on March 21st!

  8. Your blocks look awesome!!:) The fabrics are beautiful and I love the colors... They make me think of Spring! I'm so glad you figured out what was going on and you didn't have to make any big changes! Can't wait to see both quilts come together...happy quilting!:)

  9. Glad the pinwheels finally came together...without too much trouble. Log Cabin triangles should be interesting:) Cool idea.

  10. Ooh, triangles out of Oakshotts? That will be so pretty! Have fun!

  11. LOVE the double pinwheel blocks. the fabrics in them are so vibrant and fun!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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