2013 Finishes!

I know the quality of the photos is not that great.... When I was taking the pictures, I had no idea I would be posting them to a blog :) I am working on getting better pictures of the quilts to which I still have access and will update as they become available. I will also update providing links to the posts describing the inspiration and details as they are written.

This one, my first with many mistakes resides on my bed.  The post discussing this quilt can be found here:

 This one was made for my husband.  Details here.

This one was made for my daughter.  Details here.

This one was made "just because" :) Details here.

Minky blanket made for grand niece:

 Made for my dad for his 84th birthday :)

Here are some better pictures taken outside, what a difference! Looks like a different quilt!

Have not decided where Out of Square will reside permanently:

Baby quilt made for Lucy:

Baby quilt made for Olivia:

Commissioned quilt made for a very supportive friend :)

Made for my nephew:

For another nephew:

This one does not have a home yet TUQ :)

On a roll, for another nephew:

I like to put my label on the binding. Those white specs are SNOW! :)

Close up, taken outside, shows the colors and quilting much better don't you think?

I did straight line quilting with my industrial sewing machine!

 Baby Quilt:

For MIL:

Commissioned by the same sweet friend for her husband for Christmas :)

This one went to another nephew:

This is an inside picture that shows the full front, love love love how this quilt looks!
Picture taken outside while snowing! :)

Showing off it's color!

More color! :)
For a niece:

This one was made to keep the hubbins warm :) and was my final finish in 2013!

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