2015 Finishes

This is a 20 year old UFO I finished for my sister :)

Shattered Star


Shock Waves
Wind Swept
Pillow cover for my Daughter :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses!
 Finishing touches on the Family Tree Quilt :)
 For my nephew's stepson:
 Nod to Gees Bend:
 My daughter's second pillow cover :)
 Shanee's Sparkle!
Large D9P
Twirling 2!
Pillow to go with Twirling 2
Lambs, chickens, pigs and horses, Oh My!
Pillow to go with Lambs. . . :)
Sun Pillow for my husband:
Purple Giant Star
Giant Blue Star :)


  1. love the quilts love anna

  2. Your quilting on Twirling pillow, Shock Waves and Renaissance and the Kremlin are exquisite and my favorites !



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