2014 Finishes

This quilt was made for my God Daughter.  When she received it, I got a text that started out with "You are awesome!!! End of story!!!" I think she liked it :)  I blogged about this quilt here.

I made this quilt for our bed. There are over 150 different batik fabrics in the quilt and it turned out much different than the pattern ;) I blogged many times about it but you can see the summary here.

I made this one for my husband's aunt and uncle.  I put the pictures of the back first. . . because I liked it better than the front :)  I blogged several times about this quilt but you can see a summary here.

This is Sam's "A Star" quilt :) His reaction when he got it? "I'm going to sleep under this tonight!" I think he likes it :)

I made this quilt for my niece.  I blogged about the finish here.

This quilt was made for another niece. I blogged about the finish here.

Yet another niece. . . I have SO many (nieces not quilts . . . well actually both haha)!!  I blogged about it here.

This quilt was sent to another niece. . . do we see a theme starting here?? :) And I'm not through all of them yet!! I blogged about this quilt here.

I made this quilt for my sister. I blogged about this finish here. I like the back better than the front. . . I think she does too because when she posted it on FB, she only showed a picture of the back! LOL

I'm gonna be honest here. . . I love this quilt so much I might just keep it myself!! I know! How selfish of me ;) I blogged about the finish here

The Family Tree Quilt I made for my parent's 60th wedding anniversary.


  1. Looking at all these amazing quilts it is hard to believe you haven't been quilting that long. Do you have pictures of all of them now?

  2. These are great! I especially love the star and the pinwheels!


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