Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Finish! Wind Swept

It's Friday and I have a finish to share!! WOOHOO! Good thing I took pictures yesterday - it is pouring rain this morning - double WOOHOO :) We get excited about these things in the desert! And in case you are wondering, yes, we went bike riding in the rain this morning. It poured all the way down the mountain :)

OK, the maple leaf quilt? I'm tired of calling it that. So I named it Wind Swept. I thought it fitting as there doesn't seem to be much of a discernible plan in the layout :) I had mucho fun quilting this quilt! I initially was going to do some 'ghost' leaves in the negative space. And then I decided the quilt had enough leaves, it needs swirls and lines to get those leaves moving :) I used 11 bobbins of Glide 40 wt thread in light gray in this quilt. A multitude of various colors of Aurifil thread matching the leaves and Aurifil Salt and Pepper variegated for the negative space. I'm not going to apologize for the picture heavy post. Check it out! :)
The crinkle factor is seriously awesome!!! I kinda squealed when I took it out of the dryer :D
I did various spiral designs in the negative space. I'd get tired of one and do something else :)

I decided to do back and forth squiggle lines in the background fabric of the blocks. I think it works with the spirals to keep the eye moving.

I was a little worried about the amount of quilting I did in the leaves (too much.... who moi??) but when I pulled it out of the dry and saw how it crinkled - I was more than pleased!

I can't stop running my hands over those leaves!! :D

Yeah, I kind of had fun taking pictures of this one ;)

It was surprisingly hard to get a picture in which the quilting is visible on the back. I can assure you, it is visible! I used a wide backing for this one.

Detail shot. The quilting is a little more visible in this picture.

I decided to try laying it over the oleander bush. Kinda cool.

And one more. . . just cuz :D
Quilt Stats:
Size - Finished Flimsy - 61" x 73"; After quilting - 59" x 71"; after washing 56" x 58"
Batting - Quilter's Dream Wool. . . we don't even have to ask that question about my quilts - it's all I use. LOVE it.
Thread - Various weights and colors of Aurifil cotton. Glide gray on the back. I'm going to say that my machine doesn't like Glide. . . Every so often (it happened three times on this quilt) I'll get a good size thread blob on the back. No rhyme or reason as to why and not really any indication that anything is happening (no machine noise changes). It's the thread. I'm a good ways into quilting Nod to Gees and have not had this happen once with Aurifil in the bobbin.
Pattern - Hmmm. . . inspiration came from the many Modern Maples quilts around blogland. I decided to make 12" and 6" blocks for mine and then played around until I arrived at an arrangement that I liked.
Fabric - The leaves are all Handspray from RJR - this fabric is fabulous!! The background fabric is Quilter's Burlap in Pewter (Robert Kaufman). The backing is  Signature Collection Circles purchased from my new very favorite go to store for quilt backs - Back Side Fabric. Yvonne turned me on to this shop and I am in love! They ship FAST! I ordered Friday late morning, it shipped Saturday morning and I had the backing Monday morning!! Seriously gotta love that!! I may have gotten another order of wide quilt backs from there yesterday ;) Scrappy binding made from the Handspray fabrics used for the leaves.

This quilt is being boxed up and shipped off to my niece today :) I did a little inquiry about what colors she might like. . . I was told browns and blues, not a lot of color. . . oops :) There is a little blue and some brown in there! I'm pretty confident that she will like it ;)

I'll be updating you on the fabric painting and the quilting of Nod to Gees Bend in the next couple of days - I think I might just be on track for another Friday finish next week!!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday! Have an awesome weekend and until next time keep on quilting!!
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  1. I was excited when I saw the backing - I knew you had to get it from BackSide Fabrics! Woot! :) I really love the swirls you quilted into the negative space, it does give great movement and flow to the quilt. And rain? I am so jealous! Send some this way!!! :)

  2. I generally find the maple leaf pattern a bit on the 'staid' side but your version is hip and fun due to the layout, colours and the movement created by all that wonderful dense quilting... way to go!

  3. The quilting is stunning, and the colors and quilting really make it feel fresh, young, and abstract. Congratulations on a beautiful quilt

  4. I bet your niece will not only take it but love it to pieces! I really love those leaves Judy and the quilting you did looks like the wind is blowing them around. A wonderful job - as always!

  5. Very nice quilting!

  6. Yep I was wondering if you biked in the rain! Another awesome job on a great finish!!

  7. Oh what a fantastic name for a gorgeous quilt, it's got so much movement both in the piecing and the quilting and I'm sure your niece will love it!

  8. I particularly love it on the oleander bush! I was kind of ho hum about that grey until I saw it there, and wow! Changed my mind! The leaves turned out fabulous, very life-like (and I should know; we have a TON of different maples here). I also really like the scrappy binding; that whole quilt looks super snuggly. :-)

  9. It looks amazing! Lucky niece. I really like the different swirls in the background and your quilt name. Did you like the feel to the backing fabric? My mom is thinking of getting some. And have you heard of backlash in your bobbin? Sometimes little bobbin washers help.

  10. Love your choice of colors to make this one so playful! Your quilting is gives it great texture.

  11. The quilting turned out great. In the leaves, it looks just like veins in real leaves. I really like the meandering, windy swirls too. It's raining here right now too and we need it. It's a soothing sound anyway.

  12. Hahaha @ not a lot of color! Well...she can just look at the back and enjoy the texture then! Love the mix of straight line and swirly quilting.

  13. Love the swirls - really ties in with the name - great choice!

  14. This quilt turned out wonderful! The detail in the quilting adds so much to the piece. I am sure your niece will love it!

  15. I think that the quilting you used is perfect. The leaves have great veining and the combo of straight back and forth line quilting and the big swirls really gives a feeling of the wind blowing the leaves in all directions, beautiful!

  16. Thank you for your comment on my blog - I love clicking through to someone new and then to see such an amazing quilt! The quilting is beautiful, and I like the crinkliness too (it seems to go with leaves somehow...)

  17. It turned out so fantastic!! I love the quilting in the leaves - perfect!

  18. I'm so glad you quilted the leaves as heavily as you did. Another beautiful finish! I enjoyed your stats list - the shrinkage is quite amazing, isn't it? Love all that crinkly goodness. :-)


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