Monday, June 1, 2015

DWM - Painting and Quilting`

Memorial weekend I went to the Fiber Arts Festival in Albuquerque. I was humbled that two of my quilts were juried into the show! Seriously humbled! Wow, the talent displayed at the show was astounding! I will post pictures of some of the amazing quilts I saw tomorrow. . . .

After being completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the quilts, we just had to see what the vendors had to offer. . . and support them as best we could :) As I was walking through I saw these quilts:

These blocks are not sewn!! They are painted. Cut into pieces and then attached with SteamASeam. Find out more at Laura Murray Designs (these are her quilts shown in her booth)
Ummm. . . O!M!G! Must do this! Maybe not that exact quilt but must try this technique! I bought some Shiva Paintsticks, some rubbing plates, some stamps. . . and a couple of 3.5 yard pieces of absolutely beautiful cotton/silk blend fabric might have been purchased. . . OK, not might, were grabbed and added to the list of fabric I must use soon! :)

I finished the maple leaf quilt on Saturday and yesterday I busted out the paints! I have no idea what these are going to turn into. My goal was just to play with a couple of the rubbing plates and stamps to see how this works. This is seriously cool!! I did two pieces and it took me all of about an hour. Mostly because I had no idea what I was doing and was totally playing with the colors to see how they mix directly on the fabric, how hard to press (or not press) and getting used to not doing the back and forth coloring that seems to over take me when I get a "crayon" in my hand ;) Strokes should go in one direction.
I used the stamp, all of the rubbing plates and of course the Shiva Paintstiks

Results of all of the rubbing plates being positioned next to each other and covering with a piece of black Kona. Be still my heart!!!
This picture is very washed out.... desert, sun, to excited to wait to take pictures. . . The contrast is much better in person. These will but cut out and made into stars :D
I might need more paints. . . and a plan!! :D SO much fun!! I have no idea what either of these pieces will become, but I think this first test is a success. . . at least in terms of me loving it!! Laura has a learning page on her site. If you are interested in learning more about how this works, she explains it way better than I can ;) And, there are lots of Youtube videos on this subject as well.

I bought my rubbing plates and grip mat (this is put under the stamps/rubbing plate to keep them from moving around) at Dharma Trading Co. If you are interested in any kind of fiber art, this online shop is worth a visit! Shipping was fast and the prices are good. No affiliation here. Just a very happy customer after my first purchase!

As I said, the maple leaf quilt is finished. It needs to have its photo shoot and then I will post the finish. Look for that post later this week. I am now going to get Nod to Gees Bend basted and commence quilting :) Why not play more with those painted pieces? Well, the only downside for a more impatient type like myself is that the paints need to dry for 2-3 days! That seems like an eternity!! But then I will heat set them with my iron and those paints are permanent. Awesome!! :D 

Linking up with Beth for MCM and Judy for DWM. Head over to these blogs for more inspiration!

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. I am excited to hear more about your visit to Albuquerque and the Fiber Arts Fiesta - trying to temper my excitement a bit, though. You finished Modern Maples? Oh that will be so fun to get to see later this week, too! I can just see you struggling to work on quilting (even though you love it so) because of this new fun technique. Have fun and PLAY!!!

  2. Oh boy, this looks like a whole shed-load of fun!

  3. O.M.G. is absolutely right! This sounds like it was made for a person like you: play, paint, create, then go quilt up a storm of beautiful quilting as you are wont to do, 2-3 days later, your quilt is probably done, lol, and your paints are dry and ready to cut out and become quilt blocks. Judy, my mouth actually opened and an intake of breath could be heard by Bella, who has claimed my sewing chair, as I stand to type this, but call that quilt Desert Sun Star! Oh!! I can SEE it!! Looks like arrows could be in it too? Eeek! I'm super excited and I'm not even making it, just drooling and gushing from the sidelines, lol.

  4. These look so pretty! I would totally like to get into this someday...still trying to limit my hobbies and supplies acquisitions.

  5. Just when I think I've got a handle on everything I want to do, BAM!, along comes something else! This is seriously cool; those plate designs look so great. The wait would kill me too....but it would be worth it! Have fun quilting, and thanks for linking up to MCM!

  6. I have played around with rubbing plates & shiva sticks a few years back. They have come some out with new and exciting products since then. I look forward to seeing what your creative mind comes up with!

  7. What a great way design! Judy, there is no way it looks like Kona Cotton now... and it sounds so fun! I could not help but notice the gorgeous quilting on the white quilt in your photo (under the plates and stamps) and at first i thought you were going to use the paint sticks on that.
    So Happy that you had such a great time at the festival!

  8. Your rubbings on the black Kona are beautiful! I have never used those paint sticks. I will be interested in seeing what you do with your painted fabric!

  9. Those stamped on the black piece are just fantastic - so do you have to heat set them - or how do they become a part of the fabrics? I look forward to seeing more of your art!!!

  10. OMG Judy I just had the coolest idea on what I could do with these (though I do not own any yet)--I could paint over all the pastels in my Crystal City quilt! Wouldn't that drastically improve it?! Maybe I could even like it! Also what you've done here is gorgeous and I totally want to do it too.

  11. Wow! That looks really cool. I eagerly await your progress with these. (And the finished post for your maple leaf.)

  12. That really does look like great fun! Looks really good against the black too!

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