Saturday, December 6, 2014

Twirling Aqua

Bet you are surprised to see me back so soon! Yeah, me too!!! Guess what?? I have finished a flimsy!! Started on Monday. Finished on Saturday. I am starting to feel like my old self again!! LOL I'm going to do most of this post in pictures :) Before we start, let me just say I am in love with this flimsy!! I'm thinking I'm going to call it Twirling Aqua :) I'd love to hear what you think of the name. Here we go!

Remember these?

This was a half yard bundle bought at Fortworth Fabric. It was one of their Friday Bundle Batches. Helen, over at Til We Quilt Again, enticed me into buying this bundle. . . Thanks, Helen (ok, she may have just shown the bundle she bought on her blog. . . and I had to have it LOL)!! :D

If you have been following along for awhile, you may remember that I was going to turn them into a bunch of these. . . (tutorial).
That was awhile ago. . . ;) and since I really needed this project to be FUN, not fiddly, not slow, no ripping, no fuss no muss, I decided to cut them into 8" squares and make a bunch of these:

Half Sqaure Triangles! Oh my, I might have a new obsession!!! No, really. . . it could be bad in a really good way! LOL
 Cut them to make a pile of these.

Ironed them to have 8 stacks of 10 HSTs
I may or may not have miscalculated the amount I would end up with. . . Duh. . . I thought I was going to end up with 40. . . I know. . . I was VERY happy when I had 80 LOL
 Trimmed them to 7.5" squares.
LOVE pictures of trimmings! LOL Umm, yes, that is my crochet blanket in the background. I was going to cut it out but I left it in - I'm at a stand still until I get the yarn I ordered to finish it :(
And I turned those 80 squares (plus one LOL I did a 9x9 layout) into this.
LOVE it!! SO much fun to put together and FAST!

Close up. . . it's very cloudy out today but I could not wait to share this one!! LOL

Was not sure whether putting all of the lights in the center and then going darker as the spiral grew would work. . . this was the first and ONLY layout I did with these blocks! I thought I would play for a couple of days. . . I was so happy with this layout I went with it :) Now that is a first for me!!

Because I was pretty meticulous in squaring the blocks up, the top came together pretty quick and the points are all pretty darn good! Some points may or may not be as crisp as I would like - but remember what I said at the beginning? NO RIPPING on this one!

I kinda like these angled long shots :)

Because the quilt is square - it could be oriented like this :) Personally, I like the dark on top better. What do you think?
And one more. . . just cuz :)
I have SO much to say about this top. . . but I'm going to save it :) I've started another post - I'll link it here when I get it done. I am now off to piece the backing. My goal is to get every inch of that fabric into this quilt because you know how I feel about scraps. . . don't judge, I just don't like them - they clutter my head! LOL 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I plan to have Twirling Aqua quilted and bound next week. . . I'm going to have SO much fun quilting this one!! :) 

Slid in just under the wire to link up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday!! Go check out all of the amazing inspiration! Hope you are all having an amazingly wonderful weekend!

Until next time, keep on quilting! I know I will be ;)
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  1. a great finish... I love the grey & aqua combo! Linda

  2. Well those are my favorite colors right now so of course I love it!!! My head is really cluttered cuz I have lots of scraps and I LOVE scraps LOL. I am anxious to start another scrap quilt but I told myself I have to finish a few more UFO's before I can do that.

  3. Look at those points! Beautiful ;)

  4. I seriously love it! I like how it goes light to dark, but I like the light on top the best. :) Isn't it so nice to make something simple? I look forward to seeing the quilting.

  5. Lovely design; it's really a great idea to grade the tints this way. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result next week.

  6. OK Can I copy you? (kidding maybe) I love this and it is so striking. However I might need to do this for a quick gift in the near future. I am so lucky to have you my friend! Gorgeous!

  7. This is fabulous! I love the color theme, and I really like how you used the teal in a color gradient through the twirl. So lovely and yay for fast and fun!!

  8. I love this! Wow! I like the name Twirling Aqua it suits it perfectly.

  9. Twirling Aqua is such a pretty top, Judy. I like the darks on top, too. It makes the quilt look like a rectangle, pulling your eyes toward the bottom where the swirl begins. Glad to hear you had such a fun time putting this one together!

  10. It is wonderful! I just love it!

  11. Love it!! what a great use of the lightish/darkish effect!!

  12. Ooo...very pretty! The play of light and dark is very effective. It's so good to see that your'e inspired again, Judy!

  13. Love the colors and your piecing looks perfect to me!!! Can't wait to see it quilted :)

  14. Very pretty! I like the dark on top. The gradient teal color just makes the dark grey pop! Hopping over from Finish it up Friday!

  15. Oh I do love the gradient. I just made one of these but did a little bit different arragement...partial twirls. Great color choices and it's nice to have a quick finish after a nightmare! (humbly mentions with head bowed)...I think you can do better on the name though!

  16. Love the color combination. I am all for a speedy finish...YAY!!!


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