Friday, December 12, 2014

A finish and not a finish. . .

You might recall that I was very confident that I would finish Twirling Aqua by today. . . So is the excuse a shoulda, woulda, or coulda? Well how about all three? Shoulda known from the start that one spool of thread was NOT going to be enough. . . Coulda ordered the thread as soon as I realized two things - first, I ended up quilting the snot out of it which was not the initial plan (I can't seem to help myself these days. . .) and second, I second guessed the need to order more thread until Tuesday afternoon. . . Woulda had the quilt done if I had gone with the original quilting plan and/or ordered more thread immediately :) See, all three! Here's a very sneak peak of the quilting.

Lots of feathers and spirals. . . although you can't see the spirals in the prints :) I'm using 40 wt Aurifil... I definitely miscalculated how far a spool would go ;) Thread should come today or tomorrow. . . 1/4 of the quilt left to quilt.
Let's not talk about running out of thread anymore. . . I don't like that topic :) Remember the Minni Mouse hat? Well, it turns out it really wasn't finished . . . haha When Lucy tried it on it was a little short, didn't quite cover her ears. So I added a couple rows of red and a couple of rows of black. It turned out soo cute! In the previous finish post, the hat did not have the red stripe. I think it looks pretty awesome :) I also added a row to the ears. They didn't seem quite big enough. So after a little customization, here's Lucy modeling her hat! :)

This was snapped a second before that hand went right to the hat and took it off :) Is she adorable or what?? :)
And finally, because Nugget has not made an appearance on the blog in a very long time and well, he is demanding attention!
Helllooooooooo!! So nice to see you again!
I almost forgot! I actually published this and am now adding. . . Off Course did not make the cut for QuiltCon. Lots has been said all over blog land about quilts that did and did not get into the show. I'm not going to add to it. Just know that I have entered Off Course in three additional shows and there is a possibility that it will hang in a vendor booth at Road to California. The 'rejection' has not crushed my spirit and has not made me question my worth as a quilter or the quality of my quilt. I have moved on :)

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts. Head over to see other people's finishes. And check out her pineapple quilt!! WOW!!
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  1. I can't wait to see your quilting all finished up - it looks like it is going to be fantastic! Lucy is an adorable model, and I think Nugget definitely needed to say hello. I think it is awesome you have already submitted Off Course to several more shows - good for you! I was able to immediately sell Namibia Trees (yay for Christmas pocket cash), so that was a huge win for me! I'm not sure if I will try to enter Synthesthetic Alphabet in anything else... I do like having it hanging in my sewing room!

  2. Shucks too bad you ran out of thread...well use this time to plan your next quilt, hehe. Love the hat, such a sweet little model!

  3. Little Lucy is way too adorable and clearly delighted with her hat!
    "Shoulda, woulda, or coulda" - it's really funny how you broke that down. Judy your quilting looks divine and I think you have a very good attitude about Quilt Con. You know and we know it is a great quilt - so glad you are submitting it to more places!

  4. When I saw your last post about this quilt it reminded me of this quilt I made: And now seeing the feather quilting! Ah, it's perfect. I am three borders away from finishing my current quilt top and just put in a big order of fabric for the backing...and totally forgot to order thread too (damnit!!!). So now I need to order thread, but maybe this is a good opportunity to try out 40wt...hmmm. Hope your thread shows up soon, and I look forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  5. The hat is cute - but the little model.... oh you are in BIG trouble!

  6. Such cuteness in three pictures. Your feathers are gorgeous. The customized hat is perfect for the adorable model, and Hello to your r furry friend.

  7. Twirling Aqua is looking fantastic from your sneak peek shot. Lucy looks so darn adorable in her hat--I would be a complete lose knowing how to add onto knitting or crocheting! And Nugget could hang around me any day--he is such a handsome dog!

  8. Just when ya think you have a plan...coulda, shoulda, woulda!
    I was sweating a bit over my last client quilt. Thought I'd run out of thread before the end, too, but I got lucky!!! Same thoughts - coulda measured the quilt when it was dropped off instead of when loading it, shoulda ordered thread at that point, woulda had no worries!
    Your feathers look beautiful, as does your wee hat model. Your last minute customizations have made the hat just perfect. And, Helloooo Nugget! Nugget looks like he has a great sense of humour!

  9. Okay, I think Nugget should make his next appearance lolling about on Twirling Aqua! His EYES would be perfect, along with his white body---just sayin' Love your feathers, but you know I'm a feather nut. Feather-brained more often than not these days, too... where was I?! Lucy. She is just too stinkin' adorable for words. As is your hat!! I love it. Can't wait to see the finish of the quilt. You amaze me with how much you get done.

  10. Hello Nugget and feathers! Love the 40wt threads!


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