Sunday, July 13, 2014

On My Design Wall

In my last post, I said I am waiting on batting to start quilting Off Course. . . And I said I might have another project on the go. . . weelllll. . . . 


Is the scrap pile left from this:

The entire line of Carol Friedlander's Botanics :)
After cutting it into this:

12 5" Squares and one 2.25" inch strip for each fat quarter
I am going to say - this is the most efficient use of a fat quarter I have ever experienced! I starched the bejeezers out of the fat quarters before I started cutting so yes, they shrunk. I tried 5.5" squares but the shrinkage totally knocked that out of the realm of possibility since I needed 12 squares per fat quarter. The 2.25 strips? Binding of course! :) I just happen to have some other Botanics laying around here so if there isn't enough to go around the quilt (no, I have not done the math) I will have enough to supplement the fat quarter strips. 

So what is on my design wall, what are these lovelies going to be when they grow up? Well, this is the current lay out on my design wall:

This is everything but the top row. . . I'm too short to reach, even with my step stool. . .   C'mon! Those boards are 8 foot tall!

Different angle just because I thought you might like to see more than one picture LOL
I kind of followed Jeni Baker's tute for the Modern Plus Quilt. I however am using 5" squares. I thought since I was using 30 fat quarters instead of the 20 in her pattern and that I would end up with 20 more squares - I'm good right?? I'll just add two columns and all of my squares will be used. . . well yeah, that might work when the goal is not to have the quilt actually have a design of something in it. I did not have enough of each print to finish out the last two columns. . . Of course you didn't you might be thinking. . . haha, it's me remember?? I just jumped right in and didn't give it a second thought. . . until I got to the last couple of columns. And I got a little a lot nervous that I was going to have to find something else to make . . . Yes, I have left over squares, 40 to be exact.... They will find their way onto the back of the quilt. Problem solved. This is going to be a rather large quilt, bigger than I have made in awhile. It should finish right around 72" x 85."

I'm not likely to start sewing this together until sometime tomorrow.  SO, if you see something that makes you cringe, please let me know!

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Until next time, keep on quilting!!


  1. Wow you've been busy!. I'm always trying to find the perfect method of efficiently using a whole FQ - I've started buying WOF instead as I always seem to be just short ...

    1. generally, it's cheaper to buy fabric by the yard rather than fat quarters too....

  2. OMG! Love what you did with CF Botanics (bummer they were out when I tried to get them-but being a try hoarder--I do have others). It looks fantastic!!!!

  3. Looks fabulous!

  4. It's looking good Judy! I am actually gonna sit and sew on a runner this morning-I deserve a break right, LOL

  5. A friend just made miniature version of this. It was cute. Yours looks fabulous.

  6. Looks great! Love the fabric.

  7. Good job on keeping those tessellating units in order! [I find that blocks flip over or twist around in the ten feet from my design wall to my sewing machine.]

  8. Très efficient use of your fat quarters. I've found that many fabrics shrink. I do tend to preshrink all of my fabrics and boy is it frustrating when I don't have enough! Your design looks great. On to the sewing!

  9. Botanics is one of my favorite lines ever and you've done absolutely beautiful work with it! Can't wait to see you finish this one up!

  10. The CF Botanics line is lovely, and what efficient use of fat quarters! Looks great and have fun sewing it together!

  11. This looks so good! Your scrappy binding will be perfect. So, does the quilt use 10 squares of each fabric?

  12. Beautiful use of color! Great way to make the most of your FQs.

  13. Very nice. I love using all of a fabric bundle in a project. I am glad I'm not the only one that jumps in too quickly.

  14. Totally efficient use of fat quarters. The design layout looks great!

  15. I didn't know that starching makes the fabric shrink a litlle bit. Interesting. Now I understand why I had so many problems with the accuracy of my 2.5 pinked strips: the pinked edges + starching. Well, been there, done that, that how we learned.

    For the open / on the side seams. I learned first to press them on the side. And because I usually stitch in the ditch while quilting, that's usually the way to go. You don't want to quilt on thread only. And it creates a little gap that really help stay on the line.


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