Monday, June 23, 2014

Quilting and Planning on A Monday

Happy Monday! First, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that responded to my last post about thread breaking.  I was overwhelmed with the response! What a wonderful community this is!  The culprit seems to be leaving the presser foot down.  Sarah was the first to answer and it turns out I have gotten into the very bad habit of threading the machine with the presser foot down. I started being more observant about what I was doing and yup, presser foot was down. Who woulda thunk it? :)

Because I was able to get through more than two square inches without a thread break, here is where Spin (THANK YOU to Jasmine for the name suggestion!!)

I hope to have the last of the blocks done today.  I don't think the negative space will take as much time. . . I know, famous last words.

Love how that dense quilting makes the geese pop right off the quilt :)

Still pondering flattening out at least a portion of the middle part of the upper star. . .

I decided to flip the grid in the outer stars :)
I have been watching the back pretty closely, I had a wrinkle (I have to say that I have not had a wrinkle or tuck in a quilt back in a long time).  Thankfully there were just two very short straight lines of quilting to pick to get the tuck out.  I requilted and guess what? Still there!!  Ripped again and did a lot more smoothing. . . and was successful with the second try :) 

As I am working on this I am planning. . . my next quilt. That's normal right? :)  I have all of the fabric. . . Remember this design?

Off Course
It is going to become reality. . . with a few tweaks of course :) I am so excited about this one. I am using the New Colourshott cottons from Oakshott Cottons. I worked with Michael Oakshott to get the colors.  Michael was absolutely awesome to work with and so encouraging! If you have not worked with these new Colourshotts, you have to get your hands on some and give them a try! 

These beauties are going to be geese :)

Another angle because these fabrics really are just so gorgeous and take on different colors depending on the angle.

The backing is going to be black Widescreen and the negative space will be made up of the three grey fabrics and the black will be the wings for the geese.
Again, another angle.  Capturing the richness of these fabrics is SO difficult.
More on this as soon as I finish Spin! OK, I gotta get back to that quilt :) My goal is to have Spin finished by Friday. . . I have a plan for the negative space.  I'm certain of one thing, there will be no micro quilting in the negative space :D

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Until next time, keep on quilting, don't sweat the small stuff AND it is ALL small stuff!!! 

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  1. Yay for figuring out what was breaking your threads! The quilting is really making the geese pop! Also, I love Oakshots and look forward to seeing you use them in your new quilt.

  2. I am really enjoying your creative free motion quilting in this quilt

  3. I love your quilting on Spin! The name is excellent too. There's something so exciting about finally putting a name to a quilt :)

  4. Great quilting on Spin! This giving me some ideas for triangles. Enjoy quilting the rest.

  5. Spin is looking Super! Spin is going to have a Sister in a Series-- This is Stupendously Special! ( Couldn't resist-I am I not normal).

  6. Spin is looking so good. I am amazed at all the FMQ you do. Looking forward to seeing more,

  7. Love the progress you have made; the wow factor is off the charts. I love the threadplay in the paisley section as well as the elongated diamonds in the soft blue geese. Maybe echoes inside the swoopy triangles of the centre star would be a way to flatten it more if you do decide to do that? Whatever you do, it is so very beautiful. My favourite section is the triangles that pop through the very dense quilting. Love, L-O-V-E those.

  8. Wow! Your quilting is exquisite! Wish I was that talented! Hope to see the finished quilt soon!

  9. Oh Judy, that quilting detail is so involved - it must take you hours and immense patience to make sure each squiggle and each angle is perfect. I am in AWE of your work. And yes, I am a bit jealous too. Love it, it is gorgeous!!!


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