Friday, June 6, 2014

I have a confession. . .

to make. . . based on my posts, some of you may have figured this out. I can be a little lot impulsive. Not "look! everyone is jumping off the cliff I think I'll join them. Tally hoo!" kind of impulsive (that's more crazy than impulsive IMHO).  I mean the kind of impulsive that you see something, it really makes sense to you, you read more, you get more confirmation that you must do something.  You do more reading, look scan quickly for reasons you shouldn't do it and then. . . . sometimes it takes hours. . . sometimes it takes days OK a day and BAM! POW! WOW! You have this sitting on your sewing throne:

Isn't she pretty? :) I haven't even plugged her in yet and I am sharing her with you :)

Yup.  Can you believe it? :) :) :) I can't wipe that off my face! It is a brand sparkly new Janome 8900 QCP. I had the 7700. I loved the machine. Except one thing. That permanent hanging attachment for the AccuFeed system. The quilt sandwich would get caught on it. The batting would get stuck in it. When using rulers, I was constantly running into it. Minor inconveniences? Maybe to some but it drove me crazy and I would get wiggles where there were not supposed to be wiggles. Inconsistent stitches because I was having to tug and didn't realize a part of the quilt was caught in the dreaded hanging thing (that's what I called it). But I LOVE the AccuFeed system, LOVE LOVE.  Actually used the walking foot even when piecing, always.

Janome has made many upgrades to the 8900. Getting rid of the dreaded hanging thing was just one. I found one or two 'negative' reviews. They were reviews by seamstresses who do not quilt.  I don't know why someone would buy this machine and have no intention of FMQing on it. Anyway, I took the plunge. Impulsive? Don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question.:)

Her name is Roseanne. She is named after my Jr. High Home Ec teacher. She was a gem. She had the patience of a saint and taught me how to sew a garment and figure out a household budget, take care of an egg as if it was my newborn (remember that, do they still do that?) and cook from a recipe (recipe? what is that?? haha). Remember when those shirts that had no arms? The seams went from the cuff or end of the sleeve almost straight across to the hem of the shirt? I don't remember what it was called. Bad fashion is what I call it now. LOL Bat wings. That was my first foray into patterns and garment sewing (ok, and probably one of the last haha). It was maroon and black plaid flannel. And yes, I wore it. . . a lot. Anyway, my inability to follow a pattern was alive and well way back then. And she would explain the same thing over and over again. Look, this thing had FOUR seams holding it together! Not rocket science. It took weeks. But she stuck by me and I got 'er done :) I think she might be impressed with my new found sewing abilities. :)

I am now going to play and get to know Roseann better :) Until next time, keep on quilting! 
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  1. Congrats!!! She's a beauty!!! I've been researching new machines and this is one on my list :-). I'm usually an impulse buyer, but I'm trying to be good and not jump into something too soon. Have fun getting to know her and I can't wait to see what you create :-)

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  2. Your post is so funny! But congrats!! I do have the 7700 and love it but then I don't quilt on it. But when I assemble my purses I just love the extra throat space :-)

  3. Ha ha, love this post!! In fact, I was IN my sewing --ahem--"room" (aka corner of the unfinished basement) and the teaser, "I have a confession..." sucked me RIGHT in! So much so that I came upstairs to my laptop to type this comment!!! (damn iPad for comments; it's all goofy) Anyhow (but I LOVE my iPad, yep I do)... good for you!! I remember making a smock top (now that probably pre-dates your batwing Home Ec outfit--WHY were those popular when they made 14-year-olds look prego?) in my Home Ec class where there were gathers under the placket (think that's what it was called) on the chest area...thanks for the time warp! All kidding aside, you've probably germinated this idea for some time so it will be well worth the $$. Can't wait to see the FMQ that comes out of her! Well, and you! ;-)

  4. I am so excited for you. It looks like a fabulous machine. I can't wait to see what you make with it.

  5. Congratulations, lucky you! It sounds terrific and you're sure to produce lots of wonderful quilting on it. I don't consider that an impulsive purchase because you are experienced in quilting on a domestic machine and did some research first. What have you done with your old machine?

  6. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful gift to yourself!! I'm so happy for you...happy sewing!

  7. Congratulations! I hope you and Roseann are fast friend and enjoy many hours and wonderful project together. I love that she already has a name. I am still trying to figure out what my year-old machine's name is. :)

  8. Thinking of an upgrade myself, will definitely have a look at this machine now! Have fun getting to know Roseann :-)

  9. Congrats on your new machine! That implus is completely justifiable :)

  10. You made a great choice with this machine. I have the same one and I LOVE it!!! And it might sound silly but one of my favourite things is how quiet it is. I have no problem quilting twin size quilts ( haven't tried bigger yet) with all the throat space. And the lighting is awesome too. Enjoy!


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