Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Video said 'Easy' . . .

Just a little update on my current WIP.  I am now obsessed with finishing it.... So obsessed that last night, even though I KNOW not to sew when I am tired, I continued sewing.  I had all the strips cut for the next panel, just sew them together. . . First two rows of blocks came out pretty close to perfect.  Second row. . . I finished sewing the row together, opened it up to see how I did with matching all of those seams and. . . why aren't these blocks in the right place???? UGH! I had sewed what should have been the top of the strip to the bottom of the two strips already sewn together. . . As I said, I know not to sew when I am tired.  I make really silly mistakes that in the end, cost me more time than if I had just stopped and picked it up again in the morning.  :( I'll finish the ripping this morning and be off the the races again :)

I made this next quilt for a friend that waited and tried for a long time for her precious little Olivia.  This quilt was made from a Bali Crackers Kool Aide pre-cut purchased from an LQS.  I had two weeks to complete this quilt, no problem! . . .  The quilt is made from another of Jenny Doan's videos.  It says easy in the title even!!

I put Olivia's name in each of the four corners :)
Making a fence rail quilt, easy peasy.  Making a fence rail quilt with diamonds proved to be a little challenging for this beginner! Every time I snowballed the corner it turned out wonky!  I have to admit, it took a good amount of  'creative' sewing to get this quilt to come out right.  In the end, it looked great and all those points matched up - but getting there was definitely painful.  So much so that I have not attempted snowballing corners since!  I don't have any advice as to how to do this easily as apparently it is just supposed to be easy - I watched many how to videos and I didn't see anyone having the issues I was having.

I finally got it all together and had decided I was going to do hearts in the blocks and flowers in the diamonds.... I did the top row and half of the second row of the hearts, put it on my design wall and hated it! I had stitched in the ditch before starting FMQ and I really liked the puffy look of the unquilted blocks..... I spent the next several days ripping stitches..... Note to self, sometimes simple really is better!  I did finish this quilt prior to her visit but just under the wire!

Have you ever seen a tutorial or pattern that indicates it is easy and found it challenging? 

Back to picking stitches for me!  Until next time, keep on quilting!!

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  1. Yes....I've tried something that was easy and it ended up being challenging...I can''t quilt when I'm tired either...esp. now that it's getting lighter later...I want to quilt after school, but have to be careful that I'm not tired....sometimes it's nice to just come home and have a glass of wine and enjoy some hand sewing. :)


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