Friday, January 31, 2014

How is this Possible??

It's Friday again. . . and the last day of January! How did this happen? This month has flown by!  Did you have a productive month? I had one finish.

I guess that is better than none! I also finished a flimsy,

and have the scrappy bargello 3/4 of the way quilted.
I really thought I would have the scrappy bargello done by now, I guess sometimes life just gets in the way!  Doncha just hate it when that happens?? :)

I am also sharing with you today a quilt I finished for one of my favorite nephews (I said one boys not THE favorite!).  He drives a big rig in MN and I thought he could use a quilt for his truck to keep him snug and warm :) This is the first quilt that I did not use any pattern, I just winged it :) I used a Boundary Waters by Moda layer cake (flannel), yardage from the Boundary Waters line for the borders, binding and back bought at Missouri Star Quilt Co and I used wool batting.  Here it is:

Here is a picture of the entire quilt taken with my phone.

Those white flecks on the quilt are SNOW! :)

I picked this line of fabric because my nephew is an avid hunter, fisher and all around outdoorsy kind of guy :)
This quilt was his birthday gift - not only did I remember, he even got it early! LOL
The blocks were made by stacking three different prints together, slicing off a triangle on both sides, mixing up the fabric so I had three different blocks from the stack and sewing them together.  The intent was to have wonky diamonds in the middle of the wonky X's.  Do you know that some of those seams on the diamonds actually lined up!! What's up with that?? Typically I have to work at having seams match up, I didn't want them to and they did!! This happened just enough that I thought it kind of looked like I was having issues with sewing the quilt together LOL.  What would I do different? I would make a paper template for slicing those corners off or measure the sides of the triangles to make sure they were all the same . . . lesson learned :) Honestly, probably nobody but me noticed this but I do have to say it did bother me some.

My Janome seemed to be having tension issues when I started quilting.  I was doing straight line quilting so was using my walking foot but could not get rid of the eyelashes on the back.  What's a girl to do?? I thought the thickness was too much for the Janome so decided I'm going to use my industrial sewing machine!  Poor baby has been sitting there unused for months (well unused for sewing but it makes a pretty good place to stack fabric and batting LOL)! Jealous I am sure of the workout the Janome had been getting ;) The Artisan did a WONDERFUL job! It is a walking foot industrial so I can't free motion with it but I can do straight line quilting with it! Honestly, looking back on it I don't think the tension issues had a thing to do with the Janome, I think it had to do with the thread I was using. . . but I found out I can do straight line quilting on my industrial (and give the poor girl some love) and it looks AWESOME :)

I hope you all have a productive quilty weekend and for those of you in the deep freeze, stay warm! I won't even tell you what the temperature has been here in AZ. . . . I don't like to rub it in ;) 

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Until next time, keep on quilting!

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  1. You did get a lot done this month! Just look at all your piecing. That flannel quilt sure looks comfy.

  2. Lots of great quilting ideas. Thanks!

  3. You should be proud of the finishes you did get done...the flannel quilt is nice and cozy and will be great to snuggle up in...

  4. visiting from crazy mum quilts. Far out you are doing heaps

  5. Don't be too tough on yourself about finishes... this is supposed to be fun too! That lovely scrappy bargello looks behemoth - no wonder it's only partially quilted.

  6. Loving the bargello! Super work on everything, I love the quilting design on the finished quilt!

  7. This quilt us lovely, I'd like to make my nephews a quilt each but finding 'manly' fabrics has always been my issue, what you've used are great and thanks for telling how you made the quilt, I might just have a go at that.

  8. I like your quilt for your nephew. Nice big blocks and a straightforwardly achieved pattern. I'm sure it's super warm so he's a lucky guy, especially if he's travelling now through cold weather.

  9. Looks like a lot to me. Well done.

  10. That sounds like a pretty good month! But I totally get the thing about life getting in the way!

  11. I never tire of seeing quilts or talking with quilters. You have had a very busy month. I'm delighted to have found your blog and I am your newest follower # 38. I hope that you will visit and maybe even follow me back.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  12. Lots of finishes! Remember it's not a race, so you shouldn't be worried if you finish nothing in a month. Just enjoy the creation.


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