Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And Sew It Goes...

Today I am going to give you an update on the scrappy bargello adventure.  After much consideration, I decided I was going to do a spiral in the middle of the bargello and then after the blue border, I will do straight line stitching radiating outwards.  This top has issues, that inner blue border has a couple of pleats due to the stretching of the inside portion. . . yikes.  No matter what I tried, there was no fixing this so I am now going to revert to my word of the year ITLLDO.... this is not going to make the quilt function any worse for its intended purpose - warmth :)

Here is a picture without the borders to let those of you new to my blog what this top looks like:

The pleats in the blue border are on the left side.  You can't see them, but trust me, there are there!
I decided the spiral quilting for the middle portion was doable on this top after reading a tutorial on spiral quilting done by Crazy Mom Quilts.  I liked the thought of doing the very center of the spiral with the FMQ foot and then switching to the walking foot.  A couple of things I have learned the hard way.... :

1.  The direction in which you do your spiral makes a difference!!! I went the wrong way - what does this do?  It means the bulk of the quilt is ALWAYS in the throat of the machine!! UGH!  I am dealing with it but I am getting a workout!

2. I did not take my Queen Supreme Slider off when switching to the walking foot. . . Oh that was a big mistake!! I now have several rips in the slider where I sewed through it :( I think I can remedy this with duct tape but that is a problem for another day!

3. Doing spiral quilting with a walking foot is much different when dealing with a large king size quilt than when quilting a smaller quilt! Part of this may be due to the fact that I am now fighting the bulk of the quilt in the throat of the machine - I guess I will find out if this is the case the next time I do this :) Oh yes, I will do this again - I love the look and I think I have made this way harder for myself than it needs to be . . . I am famous for this haha

4. The more often I stop and reposition the quilt the better.  For smoother starts, making sure that the needle is lined up to go the precise direction it should by checking out the stitching line behind the needle is very helpful.

Here are some pictures I took this morning of this monstrosity being birthed in my machine, at least that is what it feels like haha

It feels like this quilt is swallowing me up as I try to keep rotating it :)

In this picture you can see that I am getting very close to the edge of the blue border... YAY :)

The other thing I did when I sandwiched this quilt was that I spray based the back to the batting.  When I sandwiched all three layers together, I pinned the middle out to the blue border and then used spray basting for the outer portions.  So far this is working well . . . I am holding my breath that all will go well throughout the rest of the quilting of this quilt.... keep your fingers crossed!!

OK, I gotta get back to this - hoping to have most of the quilting on this done today. . . unrealistic? Probably, I am famous for unrealistic expectations of what I can get accomplished in a day :)

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Until next time, keep on quilting!!

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  1. That's a lot of quilt there in that machine! Good luck.

  2. I'm so in love with this quilt. It speaks to me. I wish I could buy in a kit. You did such a great job putting all your scrap colors together. You are brave to quilt this yourself. I wouldn't do it. LOL It will do!! As you say. No one will know the pleats are there but you. I'm sure. And if they do, just tell them it was part of the pattern. :)

  3. Beautiful quilt! Can't wait to see it all completed.

  4. Wow! Even before attempting the quilting that must have taken so much time and effort and patience. Definitely it'll do! And, as someone struggling with the quilting on a large quilt at the moment, I really feel your pain with that spiral! Only my quilt isn't so big and I've opted for much easier quilting lines, so now I definitely feel like I'd better stop any bleating I've been doing about it and get it finished! I am planning some spiral quilting on my latest quilt top though so I'm very grateful for your tips. And thank you for visiting me earlier and helping out with my choice of binding.

  5. Good for you doing the spiral quilting!!! I am admiring that method right now too and loved seeing it on Amanda Jean's latest quilts. Can't wait to see yours when it is finished! Thanks for sharing your tips on what you learned in the process!

  6. Well, doncha love your Janome! Even though the poor dear does look like she's being swallowed by a very large fabric beast. Oh, no. I didn't me your LOVEY quilt is a beast. The beastie part has to be navigating it's girth through, around, and up and down! All the while, TRUSTING that the spray basting will hold! Sounds like it is. Just lovely work! Have a lovely day, Sweet Blessings, Chris


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