Monday, November 2, 2015

Twirling Flimsy Finish

This flimsy is not only quilted. . . it is with its new owner. This is the second of the three commissions I have been working on over the past couple of months. You can see the finished first one here. Do you remember Twirling Aqua? It's the inspiration for this one. HSTs and their tendency to multiply confuses me. . . ;) I might have cut twice as many squares as I needed. . . Only in a couple of colors - I caught the mistake relatively early on, thankfully! Although, one can always use 8" squares right? lol

Here it is:

The background fabric is Kona . . . what color of Kona you ask? Ummm. . . I'm not sure. I bought it on sale at my local LQS who just happens to carry almost every color at a very reasonable price. But I bought this on sale awhile back for just $5.99 a yard! Gotta love that! All of the blues are Grunge, all of the blues are Grunge as well, except for the lightest purple. That is Handspray. Originally I had thought about doing a gradation of blue light to dark and then where the background fabric is, do a gradation of purple dark to light. . . clear as mud? When I sent the mock up of both to the client, she picked this. I'm glad she did. I think it worked out well :)

Except for one thing. . . there is a mistake in the piecing of this top. I'm not going to tell you what it is. Can you find it? I didn't. . . until I quilted over it! Talk about sinking feelings. . . I'm also not going to tell you what I did . . . start ripping for hours? Leave it? Something else? Stay tuned. I'll tell the rest of the story when I post the finish! Soon. Very soon! Oh, and I made a matching pillow too, I'll show that in the next post as well :)

Linking up with Beth for MCM and Judy for DWM and Amanda Jean for Finish it Up Friday. SO much eye candy to see. . . as if I need to add to my list of things to do!

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. I did see your error, but I had to look really hard. Still it turned out beautifully.

  2. I see it, but also had to look really hard. And, in my opinion, if anyone is looking that hard to find an error in a quilt, they are looking TOO hard! Hope you left it in and called the quilt 'Amish'!

  3. Oh man, I was hoping you would tell me if you fixed the piece in this post! The suspense! Ha! :) You are definitely rocking the quilt projects lately, and I look forward to seeing how you finished this one up (ie: did you leave it? How is it quilted??). :)

  4. Hey it looks good from where I am sitting! I will wait to find out what the big mistake was!

  5. You do know when you say 'can you see the mistake' it's kinda like 'Where's Waldo'? :) I studied and studied until I found it, but I think if someone has to search that hard to see it, it's not really a mistake! I hope you left it in - it adds character. ;)

  6. I like a little odd colour in the perfect as it adds a bit more interest. I've done it twice - once on a house where I pieced the door upside down and it was really noticeable!

  7. I really had to search to see anything off. And it was hard to find. I really hope you left it in. And thanks for the layout idea of a rainbow HST quilt I have been thinking about making. I can't wait to see how you quilted it.

  8. Is it Kona Coal, or Steel? Or Graphite? It doesn't actually matter to me, I just like to name the greys because I like them, haha. The mistake is pretty subtle, I'm sure it will disappear with your quilting!


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