Friday, August 14, 2015

Flimsy Finish - Jason's Quilt

I have a flimsy finish to show you today :) I have a post started about the process of making these blocks, the fabric and all that good stuff. I got so into getting this finished . . . I haven't finished that post. Does that ever happen to you? I am going to finish that post and I'll link this post to that post and that post to this post. So this one will be relatively short - just the brief facts folks :)

The quilt is made from a fat quarter bundle of Carolyn Friedlander's line, Doe. The inspiration came from this quilt made by Cindy over at Hyacinth Quilt Designs. She sent me the dimensions of the block. And then I did some tweaking. . . which resulted in a square block (hers is not) and a few issues with that middle strip which resulted in a morning of me pulling my hair out in frustration. . . But I got through it and here it is! :)
Some of the colors are a little washed out but I think overall the distribution of color is relatively balanced.
I took a little closer picture to show the navy blue blocks closer. I knew these two blocks were going to fade into the background but finding a background that worked with all of these blocks was not easy. . .
My #1 fan is not impressed with this one. . . I showed him a different layout - and he liked it. Then I sent him a picture of this layout, he said "Looks the same... " followed by three thumbs up. My husband liked this layout better as did Nora, one of my nieces. When I finished sewing it together, I sent a picture to my number one fan. The text sequence went like this:

Me: You didn't notice the diamonds. Sewn together now (with picture attached)
#1 Fan: Gah, nooooo!!!
Me: LOL I take it you do not approve
#1 Fan:You were spose to leave it and sew it!
#1 Fan: U let right brain run rampant again. . . Lol
#1 Fan: Feel free to put that bit in ur blog post. Hahaha
Then I sent a couple of texts telling him that I just flipped a few blocks and pictures would have to wait because it is hotter than Hades out there today (decided inside pictures will do for this post - the finish post will go outdoors). And then he texted this:
#1 Fan: Judy and organization are like oil and water.

I have been laughing throughout the day about this exchange.

If you are interested in how I constructed this quilt and there isn't a link here to take you to my post on the making of this flimsy, come back, I'll be posting it in the next couple of days :) And just because I have one more, here's another picture ;)
I added borders just on the top to knock the quilt out of square :)
I am well on my way to being able to cross off the fourth of the seven items on my Q3 FAL :) YAY! Linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish it up Friday.

Until next time (with the deets on the making of this flimsy), keep on quilting!
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  1. Great pattern, love the masculine look, on trend

    1. ps i'm bookmarking this for a later will get done!

  2. I really like that - it is unique - and the fabrics are really cool!

  3. I think it looks pretty awesome. The flipped blocks create some cool negative space. I'm sure my boys would agree with your #1 fan, because they like things symmetrical and predictable. However, I do like the uniqueness of this. :)

  4. You are on a roll right now, Judy! Congratulations on a pieced quilt top. I think it is a really striking finish and I appreciate its asymmetric layout. :)

  5. Ooh I love how this turned out! Love the navies. The text convo is pretty funny, reminds me of Paul and Preeti's conversations. And oh yes, welcome to my blog life of writing a post but already having one or three prequels started that aren't published, and some are just in my head started... 4/7?!! Amazing. 2 1/2 of 6 here. Looking forward to the quilting you'll do.

  6. An awesome quilt Judy, both in design and color! I totally love it! You and Jason are a hoot together. My son likes everything symmetrical and orderly too. I keep trying to tell him that asymmetry makes things more dynamic. I'm looking forward to reading your lead up to this point!

  7. Great quilt. I love how the pattern turned out with the diamonds with the line going through it. The colors are fabulous too.

  8. I really like this pattern of blocks. Congrats on a FAL finish!

  9. Looks great, definitely worth all the hair pulling

  10. That middle strip was well worth the hair pulling - it really makes the block :)

  11. I like this quilt top! You definitely put your stamp on it so that it is different from the inspiration quilt.


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