Monday, January 26, 2015

DWM. . . Unexepected Wonderfulness :)

When I last posted, I was working on another HST quilt, HSTs made out of black and white 9 patches. . . and I was excited about how this little experiment was going to turn out. I also talked about taking Cindy Needham's Craftsy Whole Cloth quilt class. I was talking about how excited I was about starting a whole cloth quilt. . . but I was going to make myself wait. I needed to finish the HST top first. . . then I remembered something I had read on Cindy's blog. . . she was coming to Phoenix. Hmmm. . . I thought it was some time in February. . . Let's go check that out. . . That was Tuesday last week. I checked her calendar. . . OMG, she is here! NOW! I've never done an in person class. . . would there be room? Do I really want to do this? I don't really want to drag my big ole machine out. . . but it's Cindy. . . She was doing a talk on thread that night. It was an open talk, there had to be room for that. I called and not only was there room for me in that talk, AND there was room for me in the class!!! I would make student number 10 - SWEET! Small class - you know I am very shy - no really, I am! :) 

I went to the talk. It was awesome. I signed up for the class and paid the fees. YAY, in two days I was going to be sitting in class with Cindy. . . I was so excited!! I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. All of my reservations about walking into a situation where I knew no one (except Cindy, she has such an easy going attitude in her Craftsy class I totally felt like I knew her) and had to haul half of my sewing studio to a hotel. . . OK, not half but what did I know - I've never done this before. . . didn't want to go without something I might need!

The class was nothing short of AMAZING! Cindy is even more wonderful in person! :) The first day I had my quilt design drawn on the whole cloth and it was pin and straight basted with water soluble thread. I don't have any pictures of that stage of the quilt. I don't have any pictures from the class. . . yes, I took my camera. I forgot I had it with me. . . I was having way to much fun! So here are some pictures of my quilt over the past two days! WARNING - a little picture heavy ;)

I took a picture as soon as light was good Saturday morning. . . But I couldn't wait that long to continue quilting!! :) By the end of class on Friday, I had all of the outlines complete. Saturday morning, pre sun in right position pictures, I started quilting the background in the cross hatch section on the top left.
Close up of the cross hatch section. Yup, that last square on the bottom has the lines going the wrong way. . . and yes I ripped it out. . . and no, it was not fun!
Here is a picture of the back. The quilting shows a little better in the pictures of the back. In person, there really is no difference.
And this is what the quilt looks like after two FULL days of quilting :) It makes me smile! The fabric is Dupiani Silk - YUMMY!! Threads are varied. . . Aurifil (that blue frame is 12 wt!! OMG it is amazing!!!), Isocord and Superior including King Tut and Rainbow poly (the inside outline of the scrolly thingys (that's a technical term!)
I was going to use the red thread for the inside of the outside motifs. . . and then I thought two things, first, every mistake I made would be GLARING and I was sckeered, second, I decided it would be too much and take over the quilt. . . Focus is meant to be on the middle of the quilt, not the outsides. . .

This is the back, again, quilting is much more visible on the back in the pictures. I'm happy to report that's not the case in real life :)

Side view of the back. That piece of fabric for the back is from my stash. . . I have no idea what it is, but it was perfect in color and tone for the back of this quilt. YAY for usable stash :)

And one more of the back. . . I contemplated using all of the same color thread on the back. . . and then was quickly talked out of it (not that it took much!) by one of my classmates, Wendy - thanks Wendy!
There is still a good amount of quilting to be done to complete this quilt. . . I will replicate the blue border starting an inch out from the tip of the outside motifs. I will fill the inside with the ribbon candy fill. Did I mention that fill was done using metallic thread? Another suggestion by Wendy. . . My new quilty friend that actually lives in the state! I know I'll be seeing Wendy again . . . another retreat or a trip up the mountain in the dead heat of summer to cool off :) Oh, back to finishing this quilt . . . I also need to fill all of the background between the borders, around those red motifs. I'm thinking some sort of McTavishing. . . or McMurphying ;) This piece will finish around 32" square.

So to wrap this post up. . . I am SO glad I stepped completely outside of my comfort zone and went to this class. Quilty people are as nice in real time as they are in blog land!! Attending this class was meant to be - I stumbled on it at the very last minute, I got to meet a wonderful teacher in person (if you ever have a chance to take a class by Cindy, DO IT!! You will not regret it!!), I met some wonderful women, I got the chance to step out of my life (which has been pretty spectacularly awful to date in 2015) if just for a couple of days, and I came away with new friends and a renewed quilting energy! I'll post more about the making of this quilt when I post the finish. . . maybe this week. . . :D It's official, I'm going to be obsessed with this until it is finished. And then I will go back to black and white. . . it is calling my name, but I am one person. . . and I am on a mission!

Linking up with Judy over at Patchwork Times for DWM. If you haven't been, head over and feast your eyes on all of the amazing projects! 

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. Oh I am smiling from ear to ear reading this, and drooling over the keyboard with the quilty loveliness of it! It's as beautiful on both sides--!! Kudos to you as well as to your machine for incredible stitch tension. :-) AND!!! OMG I had no idea/sense of the size of this baby but it is 6 or more--SIX!!--of those cement blocks high!!! Stunning. Sheer beauty. I just love it. Glad you got to do this for yourself. YOUR. SELF. Your soul. Mmmm. Can't wait to see it all done. Which, knowing you, will be by Friday or earlier, lol.

  2. This whole post is awesome, Judy! I am so, so glad you looked into the class and went for it! And how cool to have met other more local-ish quilters - yay. The quilting looks amazing - this quilt is going to have fantastic texture when you are done. I look forward to seeing more!

  3. I am loving this quilt! I hardly know where to start: the design, the mix of threads, the blue accent in the center, how awesome your class sounded, your nearly local friends... And your pictures look great and show off the awesome texture.

  4. What a beautiful quilt - I love your quilting design and well done for stepping outside your comfort zone; it really paid off!

  5. OMG wonderful eye candy. A total lift of the spirit. Amazing quilt. I need to check out her work and see if she's coming anywhere near me. It would be something new and different for me to do. Thanks for sharing. I would encourage you to find other quilters in your area. There is nothing like the camaraderie of quilters. You have totally inspired me.

  6. Yay, YOU, for being brave and diving in to a new experience!!! The only part of this post I don't like is that 2015 has been a spectacular disaster so far. I hope that changes for the better, and pronto.
    Funny how it takes ten minutes to stitch something wrong, and two hours to rip it out.
    Your quilt looks spectacular, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm so glad for you!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! And good for you for not listening to those little voices and taking the class. And you made a new friend to share your passion with!

  8. OMG, fabulous! Not my thing but awesome ;)

  9. Meeting your favorite teacher - yes it is wonderful. I'd be very excited if Jacquie Gering came to my town!!!
    I just tried FMQ for the very first time on a small fabric/batting sandwich and hated it. I am in love with my walking foot and all amazing things I can do with it. I am a Jacquie Gering fan. In any case, I will try some more FMQ again next week.

    P.S. I mentioned you here, but I am not sure if you saw it.

  10. Don't think I can put it better than Sandra. I am so excited for you, that you stepped outside your comfort zone and had such a great experience, and found a new quilting friend. Your piece looks amazing and can't wait to follow the progress.

  11. You just lived one of my dreams! I have been wanting to take a class with Cindy forever! Your quilt is stunning, I can't wait to see it finished!,

  12. That is wonderful you looked at Cindy's class when you did. You have taken a class with someone who is on my bucket list of teachers. And your piece is amazing! You are a Artist!

  13. Comment got gobbled by google - doing that to me a lot this week! Love it and love the blue - originally said it looked regal and kind of French probably because of the scrolly things! Cindy is lovely and very generous with her knowledge!

  14. This quilt is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it develops. Sounds like such an awesome class!

  15. Oh good I am so glad you got into the class, it was well worth it!

  16. Oh, this is great! I have never thought to do a whole cloth quilt before, another thing you have me adding to my list! You have so many different free motion patterns in there! I'm glad your class was so inspiring. Sometimes getting together and sewing in person is just the thing to get you going again.

  17. Hooray for you Judy! You've stretched your wings and taken flight! I am just bowled over by the work you have done here! I am sorry that 2015 has been hard so far and hope this is the start of better things to come.

  18. OMG - THAT is stunning!!!! I am glad you overcame and went! I too am shy - and no onebelieves it.... but ask my family lol. So I am PROUD of you!!!!


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