Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Snowing in AZ?

Ummm, no, it is not the snowstorm I had predicted. . . I intended to make all four of the blocks for the first round of the Snowalong over at Canuk Quilter (button on side bar). . . I have not given up. . . I refuse to let this snowflake chill me to the idea of making more! (see what I did there?? Chill me. . . snow. . . haha) Anyway, it has taken me two full days of mostly ripping to get this right. . . TWO DAYS!! OK, a day and a half. I had a terrible time of it yesterday, worked the entire day on this block and did not even make it half way through the block. . . why? My brain just was not cooperating. I kept sewing the wrong color, skipping sewing lines (I know, how does one do that??) and not getting the fabric placed right to cover the intended piece. When I noticed that not only had I skipped a sew line, I had placed a blue fabric where a white fabric was supposed to go. . . and all of the units were already sewn together, I threw in the towel for the day. Said LOTS of bad words. . . and drank some a LOT of wine. And wouldn't you know it is raining here today??? So an inside picture it is because I am going to link up with the first linky party for the Snowalong today if it is the last thing I do! LOL

LOVE IT. . . An entire quilt? Not sure. . . I did order that Flakey bundle over at Fortworth Fabrics.... it arrives today. . . stay tuned. . . ;)
OK, the other thing. . . I sewed the top and bottom print pieces on and sadly realized that Joanne had made a change to the pattern . . . The strips are not wide enough so those of you with the watchful eye are correct - this block is not square. . . I'm contemplating options here. Maybe one snowflake out of each of the patterns and figure out a cool way to make them into a modern quilt. . .Maybe a pillow. . . Maybe different versions of each pattern (6 total) and an entire snowstorm quilt. . . I know. I'm insane. I do have to say that it went MUCH better this morning. I only had to rip once ;) 

Oh, and I want to say - my issues had NOTHING to do with the pattern. Joanne has done a FANTASTIC job with the patterns and when I sent her an email last night telling her of my woes she even mailed me back quickly with some suggestions with how to make things go a little smoother - not things related to the pattern - general paper piecing tips. This is only the second time I have done PPing. . . maybe an easier pattern would have been the wiser choice. . . MOI?? Easy?? NEVER! Ha!

Linking up with the Snowalong, Let's Bee Social, WIP Wednesday (WIP or a finish?? That is the question!!) NTT and Finish it up Friday

I'll be back! ;) Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. OH you made me feel wonderful reading about your troubles as I am trying to work on some star today that had me totally puzzled / too many reverse pieces / I think I cut two of them out wrong / ripped and ripped and ripped. I am not the only one :)

    Your snowflake is lovely now ! So I am encouraged and will stop pulling my hair out for a few minutes :)

  2. Judy, it came out great! There's nothing like jumping in with both feet! Now that you've got one under your belt, the paper piecing should get easier :)

  3. It sure looks impressive to me. While I love seasonal quilts, this looks intimidating. Have fun!

  4. Oh my, that is a very impressive block for your second PPing work! How awesome that Joanne was so helpful with more tips for you, and I hope you continue to have more sewing progress like this morning!

  5. Even though you had some bleeping moments with your flake--it turned out beautiful! Paper piecing can be a real struggle. I just recently did our retreat blocks with the PP. The only way I could keep things straight is to lay the paper out and write what fabric was to be in each spot.

  6. Your snowflake is gorgeous! It does look like a lot of work but I am determined to do some too(this winter) I have been downloading them.

  7. I plan to take a break from the LAST round of my never-ending round robin, and make one of these snowflakes. I am, ahem, a tad intimidated, and more so now I read this post...but I will face my fears! They are so darn pretty, and I LOVE your fabrics--that blue is positively ice-crystal-y...I can hear the aurora borealis crackling, feel the zing of ice cold air entering my nostrils and freezing my nose hairs...okay, I'm going to go put on a sweater now. ;-) Good on ya to persevere and to take a break and drink. Vino always helps.

  8. I have done a lot of paper piecing (and sadly, have skipped over a sewing line or two or three . . .) and I do enjoy the process. However, this is the first time I've seen paper piecing abbreviated as PPing!! That just made me laugh because if you read it as initials, it's peepee-ing . . . . (sorry, that's just where my mind went) ;)
    By the way, love your snowflake block!

  9. Ok - Kathy just cracked me up! I just realized I NEVER put the top and bottom on before H and J! Oops! Your snowflake came out great. I found that I cut everything out and put a number on it and lined them up in order (1,2,3,etc). I did all the 1/2 then 3 then 4 etc and it seemed to work ok. Might be something to try on the next one. Great job hanging in there... sometimes a fresh start on a new day is all it needs to make everything click.

  10. Oh my, what are you doing to me! I need to check this SAL as I love snowflakes. Yours is lovely no matter the hassle :)


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