Friday, May 27, 2016

One Finished, One In Process

So excited to share with you a finished quilt! Why does it seem like it has been forever since I finished a quilt? It really hasn't been that long. I think the problem might be that I might have a few too many things on the go. . . My MO is to start quilt, finish quilt (including quilting and binding), start new quilt. That MO has slipped over the past . . . hmmm. . . might be a little longer than I am willing to admit! There are currently four quilts in my house that are various stages of quilting. . . one ditched, the Rose Linen quilt. . . remember that one??? I have not touched it in over a year! :( The Kaffe Fasset floral collage that I showed yesterday AND Pixilated Stategy is still in the flimsy stage on the guest bed. . . And the quilt I am currently working on, Kat's quilt (picture at the end of this post!). That does not include Purple Haze and Breakaway. Both need additional quilting. People, this is why I typically work on one start to finish. Once I have moved on to the next, the previous is marked in my head as 'finished' . . . I can't go project to project. It's not how my brain works. I have accepted this. What to do? Well, I thought about restricting myself to starting nothing new until I have all of these things crossed off the list. . . probably not realistic. So here's what I have decided is my goal, I finish quilting two quilts and then I can start one project. I will finish Kat's quilt and then I will either quilt Pixilated Stategy or get back to that ditched quilt and get 'er done. When those two are finished, I can start something new. Let's see how this works ;)

Sorry, you are here to see a finished quilt, huh? Well here it is!

And the back :)

And rolled up. . . OK, there is an art to this rolling thing. . . and I have not figured it out!! LOL

Did you notice? I'm thinking if you have read my blog for long you thought, "Wait, the quilting. . . it's not the usual dense intricate quilting that she usually does." Yup. I quilted this quilt in about three, maybe four hours and I love how it looks! I did curvy lines across the seams both horizontal and vertical. Then I did two curvy lines between each of the curvy lines across the seams. I didn't worry much about how consistent I was in terms of the space between the lines. There is something to be said for a quick finish in terms of quilting. It's been awhile since I finished a quilt so fast!

As for thread color, I was going to go safe. Gray. And then I said to my husband, "I think I am going to quilt this with gray thread." The immediate scrunching of his face told me that he had other ideas. :) His response was "I think blue. Cobalt blue." Really? He has chosen thread colors several times. He's been spot on every time. And I had a spool of cobalt colored blue Isacord that worked perfectly! It worked so well I even used it for the binding :)

Remember I told you that I used Terial Magic instead of starch to treat the fabric prior to cutting? It worked fantastically to pretty much eliminate any fraying. Sewing the patches together was a breeze. Quilting was a bit of another story. . . The stiffness of the top made it a bear to move through the machine. Not impossible but the stiffness of the quilt definitely gave me a good upper body workout! It was not so bad that I would never use it again. I think there are definitely projects that I would use it again. Also, this quilt went back to soft as butter after it was washed.

On to the next! I am now quilting this beauty for Kat for her CiL project! It is almost all ditched and I will start the fun stuff today :)
Isn't this just awesome??
Keep an eye open for a post on the finish for this one next week? Yup, might be next week!

Linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish it up Friday. I'll be spending some time checking out what everyone else has finished this week!

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. What a lovely finish! I really like the wavy quilting lines - such a nice contrast to the square blocks. Keep swimming!

  2. What a great finish! I am going to have to try wavy line quilting.

  3. Good job getting another quilt done! There is always another one isn't there?

  4. How did you do your wavy lines? By hand / moving the quilt back and forth? It looks great and I definitely noticed straight away that it was a slightly different quilting style than I normally see from you, but it works really well with this quilt and I bet it is supper snuggly and just right.

  5. I do love those wavy lines on this quilt. It adds a great simple movement to the quilt. I think your husband has a great eye, the cobalt blue looks stunning on the top. I think gray would have worked too, but the blue gives a subtle little pop.

  6. What a lovely finish and the 'restrained' quilting suits if perfectly!! Look forward to seeing what you do on the CiL quilt - I saw this on Kat's design board and think it's great.

  7. Great finish! I like the grid-like quilting style. Can't wait to see what you do with ours! I know that ditch quilting takes a long times -bless you!

  8. Wavy lines in a grid was the perfect finish for this quilt. That's so fun that G has such an interest in your quilts. Cobalt blue was a cool choice!
    That sounds like a good working MO - finish 2 start 1 - that will have you back to feeling focused in no time Judy!
    That Covered in Love quilt is a beauty!

    1. PS - I love what you wrote under your CA:NP button! "Go Applicrazy" :)

  9. Lovely finish Judy. The 'restrained' quilting really looks good on this quilt and will keep it nice and cuddly. Love Kats quilt top and look forward to seeing how you quilt it.

  10. It was perfect quilting for that quilt! I love it!! and the one you are working on now - oh wow!!

  11. While I usually go start to finish on one project, I make exceptions too. This faster finish turned out great! (The looser quilting was a surprise.) Have fun on your projects.

  12. Wow! Just got my Terial Magic! Awesome stuff! Ive been making my starch, because like you, i like cardstock! Hee hee hee. I make it with starch, alcohol and water as the alcohol stops the starch from molding (it keeps a long time....i use it much faster than it will mold!), but after your toot about the TM, i thought id try (just bought the gallon right off the bat as i know you know your starches!). I DID take the time to find a quilt blogger that had an affiliate link to it...forget who now, but it was easy google, thanks so much for the product tip!


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