Friday, April 1, 2016

Blaze Pattern Test - Finished Quilt!!

When Joanne over at Canuck Quilter asked me if I wanted to test her pattern for Blaze (not an affiliate link), I said YUSSS!!! I showed the finished flimsy last month and promised some crazy quilting in that negative space ;) As I said in my previous post, Joanne's pattern is fabulously written and comes together pretty quickly. AND the resulting quilt is absolutely awesome!!

Pictures? Well, since you asked ;) And I'm not apologizing for the number of pictures. . . I couldn't decide which to put in so I put them all in!
Oh Yeah, I had a blast quilting this one!! :D
Flowers, butterflies and dragonflies curtesy of Judi Madsen's, "Quilting Wide Open Spaces" book. The templates were there, I resized them when I printed them out.
The bigger circles were done using Westalee's circle ruler. OMG! Seriously going to get more sizes of circle shaped quilting rulers! They took my circles to a whole new level!!
I wish you could run your hands (or face!!) over this yummy texture!!
And the back! I used matching threads on the back. And I took lots of pictures so you can see all the pretty colors I used :)
Sun is shining pretty bright. . . the yellow thread shows up pretty well on the back but what you are seeing here is more fabric color :)
Have I said how much I love the back? :D
OK, I'll stop now :D This quilt makes me SOOO happy!

I made the lap size quilt but added a couple of rows. . . more negative space ;) haha

Again, you can get your pattern for Blaze at Joanne's Craftsy store right now!! Jump over and check out this and all of her other great patterns!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday!!

I'll be back soon. . . a squirrel might have ran through my house . . . and left in its wake a quilt top!!! ;)

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. I'm not surprised the quilt makes you happy, you did a great job. I love the grey background, there is so much white around just now, which I do love, but the grey is much warmer, and more practical. Lovely with the yellow too. Your quilting is beautiful, I love the flowers, butterflies and dragonflies, so gorgeous. I'm overwhelmed.

  2. Just amazing - I love it!!! Haven't tried butterflies or dragonflies but they are so cute. When I first attempted rulerwork it was the circles I loved but the set of circle rulers was soooo expensive that I couldn't justify it .... yet!

  3. Those large circles really stand out in the quilting from the front and the back! Hooray for the finish! :)

  4. This is amazing! Such beautiful work and love the detail on the quilting.

  5. A beautiful quilt! Your quilting is gorgeous, as always!

  6. Your flowers, dragonfly and butterfly are fabulous! Love the circles too:-)

  7. Wow Judy! As always, your quilting is gorgeous. Love those dragonflies. And I just got a ruler foot and starter kit of Westalee rulers - seeing your circles I just know I have to start playing ASAP! And thanks for the shout out for my pattern :) I just posted it on Craftsy this afternoon and haven't even posted about it on my blog yet! How did you know?

  8. Wow Judy, another one outstanding again. Those circles! Going to have to get some, as yep, you are right on the ones I picked up, going to have a bobble at the entry point. Those dragonflies are all kinds of fabulous, and I don't like most bugs, but oh, I could definitely run my face all over this quilt, maybe lick it, you know... Love your colours, and okay, batiks--serious love and need to work with these beauties again.

  9. Oh my! that's a gorgeous quilt. I love the pattern, and your quilting is fabulous! I can't believe those dragonflies. No, maybe the circles are more impressive. I wouldn't be able to tell if there's a wobble in a dragonfly, but I can clearly see there are NO WOBBLES in your circles! Really? How do you do that?!!! Wonderful texture!

  10. Love everything from A to Z. Pattern, color choices and the creative quilting! Speechless.

  11. Judy your Blaze quilt is awesome! Joanne is such a talented pattern designer and you totally did justice to her pattern. Your quilting is just amazing - as always - and I love these warm and glowing colors!

  12. Has anyone mentioned how crazy talented you are???? On my goodness - I am glad for all the photos - that is pure yumminess right there !!! LOVE it!!!!!

  13. You are busy tester lately! Your quilting blows me away as always!

  14. Wow, Judy! This looks amazing!!! I am so glad you included all the pictures. :)

  15. Oh wow! While the front of the quilt is amazing...The back is spectacular!!! The color...the quilting...holy cow!

  16. It's gorgeous! She did a wonderful job with this design, and you did an incredible job quilting it! Love the butterflies and dragonflies. Do you have a template for them? It's so beautiful, I have to go look at it again!


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