Friday, April 22, 2016

And More Quilting :)

Yes, folks, we have another finished quilt for Kat's Covered In Love charity. Second one this week! If you missed, click here to see the first one :) I quilted this one second because, quite honestly, it had me stumped. My initial thought was feathers, swirls and pebbles. I knew immediately what I was going to quilt on the first top so I put this one up on the design wall and let it simmer. . . sometimes quilts just need to simmer for awhile :) As I looked at the quilt it seemed that it could go masculine or feminine and masculine quilts are sometimes hard to come by. . . so I decided to keep the quilting 'gender neutral.' I have seen the quilting design I used on this quilt in many different places. It's common, it's easy, it's versatile, it's forgiving and depending how it is laid out - it can give vastly different looks. Most importantly, it gives quilts the best texture ever!

Enough talk, let's look at some pictures, shall we? :) I wish I had taken a before picture of the HST quilt. I just love to see the difference quilting makes on tops. I did take a before of this top - it's inside, it's not the best but you get the idea :)

Uh, this picture was taken pre-iron. . .
And After!!
Will definitely be using this design again!
I could run my hands over this quilt!
Debated on binding. I had a couple of browns and then put that green up. Sent a picture to Kat and said, you chose! Green won :) BTW, Sandra also voted green. The only vote for brown was my husband's. . . he was out voted ;)
And the back!
Lots of lovely texture :)
One more, a little windy in the AZ desert today :)
What do you think? Pretty big difference yes/no? Did I mention this was quick? Two days. It took me two days to quilt this and that wasn't two eight hour days. LOL I did mark out squares in the blocks that are not 9 patches. I wanted it kind of uniform but not really. I was going for perfectly imperfect. I knew the quilting wasn't going to show much and what this top needed was a LOT of texture :) I used Superior King Tut Cedars 40 wt cotton thread for the top and Aurifil 50 wt in the bobbin. Love the basket weave effect of this quilting when just a simple alternate direction is taken.

These two tops are going to be winging their way to Kat today. Again, if you want to check out how you can help with Covered In Love, click the link. Kat does a block drive in which she posts a tutorial of a different block each month. Make one, make 100, make a top, chose what's comfortable for you. It's a wonderful program and I am very honored that Kat has agreed to let me help by quilting some of those tops!

Yes, I still have a flimsy to share with you - it will happen. . . soon! I am now off to start a new project. . . what? I'm not going to share exactly what it is but suffice to say that my friend Lara over at Buzzin' Bumble has a new book out!! How flippin' exciting is that??? You can buy yours right now over at Amazon ;) Crafted Applique - New Possibilities. People, I am so excited about this project I cannot even tell you!! Me? Applique? This is going to be epic!! Stay tuned, the hop is in May. That is not an affiliated link, BTW.

OK, now linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish it Up Friday! Check out the awesome finishes people are sharing!

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. What a perfect solution, Judy! It really defines the 9 patch blocks that were used and I love how it flows that idea into the rest of the quilt. (P.s. I am off to buy some Fabric Mod Podge myself this afternoon. Yay!!!)

  2. Whoop! Looks awesome! Thanks for plugging CiL for me, ;)

  3. Lovely quilting, it sets off the blocks perfectly. This is a so worthwhile heartfelt project, and if I was closer, could make blocks and post off, and for us who find the actual quilting and finishing too hard, you have picked that up, generosity has no limits. And for the families, a memory to treasure.

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! This was the perfect quilting for this top. I love how it gives the 9 patch feel to the square blocks. This will be a great one for CiL.

  5. I too must remember this effective design especially as some buy fabric whispered to me that it wants to grow up into a boy quilt! Great finish. As I said lovely texture that I can seriously FEEL through the screen. Looks like you and I have some virtual sewing as in appliquéing dates in our immediate future!

  6. I can just imagine how that texture feels, it looks fantastic. That's a great design that gives so much interest to this quilt. That simmering session really worked! :)

  7. Good thought to keep it gender neutral as yes guy quilts are not as prominent. It looks great and it is fun to stitch that design out!

  8. That is perfect texture! It looks great :)

  9. The quilting you did was perfect for this quilt Judy and I too love the woven texture you gave it! I have to remember to aim for texture when the fabrics would camouflage a fancy design. Definitely keeping this in mind as a finishing technique. It's not a quick finish, but it it a great one!
    Thanks for the shout out about my book! :) I'm so happy you are excited about applique!

  10. Oh it is perfect!! LOVE your idea!!!!

  11. I love the texture of the quilting. I want to just feel the quilt through my screen and then go try it on a project. FMQ designs are so inspiring to me. I frequently want to make something just to try quilting a certain design. Seems a little backwards.

  12. Wow, fantastic finish! I pinned your quilting design because it is such a versatile motif. I love the back and forth squiggles, but it never occurred to me to use them to create "faux" blocks like this. Thanks for donating to CiL, one of my favorite charities.

  13. Oooh yes that is awesome texture! Great way to quilt that one, plus it sounds like it was simple and fun!


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