Friday, January 8, 2016

Winners for Blogiversary Giveaway!

First, thank you again everyone for a fabulous two years, I can't wait to see what 2016 brings for all of us!! :) And welcome new followers and readers!! I truly do appreciate every one of you! :)

On to the business at hand!! For some reason I can't copy and paste the number generator. . . You are just going to have to believe me ;) No suspense, here we go! :D

First number drawn,  #84!
Congratulations on your two years of blogging. I'm glad I have found your blog and what an inspiration you are. An amazing top five posts. Your Kremlin quilt is fantastic. Look forward to following for your third year and then more.

Second number drawn, #19!
Awesome giveaways!! Pick me, pick me, LOL I think the FQ bundle would be nice to have! Of course I'll be following you this year again, I follow through google.

 LOL, Vicki, Mr. Random did pick you!!

Third number drawn, #36!
I'm following you for some time now via Bloglovin!! Thanks for a second chance!!

I've sent emails so look for those ladies and as soon as I receive your snail mail addresses and sort who is getting what (sorted, Marlene - Oakshott bundle, Vicki - Morning Walk bundle and Michele - Auriful card/thread), I will get your winnings in the mail! Also, there were several comments from No Reply bloggers. Please check your status and see if you are unwittingly a no reply person. If you are a Google+ user, you likely are. . . and if you have 'fixed' it, there is a chance that Google has 'unfixed' it for you. . . After the third time they 'unfixed' my account, I stopped using Google+. But that is a rant for another day. . . or maybe not at all ;)

OK, business at hand is finished ;) And just so you know that I have not just been sitting around waiting to draw winners, here is a picture of what those HSTs are becoming! Yup, all trimmed. Yup, I miscalculated the number (well, not on that blog post but in my head the number grew from 200 to 300. . .) UHG! I need 20 more blocks. . . I am making those blocks from barely big enough scraps. . . there are are going to be some very scant 1/4 inch seams in this baby AND there will be some very creative sewing when I put those rows together ;) 

Seriously, it makes me smile!!
I'll be sharing more about this WIP soon! Sorry for the bad pick, it's been raining for days here and we all know my inside pictures are typically badly lit on the sunniest of days. I'm trying to figure out a cohesive way to make this quilt bigger. . . Once the top row is added (I had taken it off to fill in some of the corners. . . was going to leave it like that but decided it needs to be there), it will finish around 50" x 54". I typically like my quilts to be a little bigger but this one matches my house pretty well. . . I might to forget the borders and just hang it. . . decisions! If you have any great ideas regarding the 'expansion' of this quilt, let me know! I'd love some suggestions!

Again, thank you all for following along on my quilting journey! And come back in a couple of days, Renee should receive her quilt tomorrow and I should receive mine! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!! You can bet I'll be stalking the mailman!! :D 

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. Congratulations again on your 2 year blogiversary and to the winners. Fun!
    Nice movement in the HST layout, I really like the stars. Good luck eeking out the last HSTs you need!

  2. Congrats on two years! I like this quilt very much. That tiny bit of orange makes the whole piece come alive.

  3. Well done to your winners. And to expand the quilt top, that is where I struggle with my own, choosing a border, or 2 or more. Love those colours together.

  4. Congrats to winners! You can add few more color squares and some random HSTs. No pattern just random thing.

  5. Thank you so much Judy and Mr Random Generator for picking me! Such an exciting way to start a New year of quilting. Loving the HST quilt.

  6. Wow that is a lot of triangles - but definitely worth it, it's going to look AMAZING!

  7. Wow! I love the color splotches in the corner stars...I'm With you on bigger quilts, but borders aren't my favorite for expanding a quilt...well, not plain borders. You could make some more HSTs in black and other "fall" colors to increase the border, but as an added cool thing, on the middle edges n the sides, have the black extend to form another star (one on each side)(you already have two points on each side), but make the stars here be solid blacks extending to the edge (can ya follow that or am I botching everything...visual to words....urgh!) but then, the rest could just be regular random HSTs. I like when part of the quilt extends into the borders...kinda cool. I do love the colors here though. Love how it rediates light from the middle out.

  8. Thta is a great quilt in progress - Beautiful color palette!

  9. Love your design. It's amazing what you can do with HST.


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