Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Pillows for New Year

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Now, remember those quilts. . . the ones made in three weeks, right before Christmas that added so much excitement to my December? The Giant Purple Star and the Giant Blue Star? Well, pillows were ordered as well but the answer was, "Ho, Ho, No!" in terms of getting them done in time for Christmas Eve. After a day or two break, I went back to the machine! :) Deadline? 12/30. Did I make it? YUP ;)

I had a lot of fabric left over from the blue quilt. I love that fabric and when I bought it, I bought a good amount - thankfully because I want a quilt of my own with that fabric!! :) I decided that the pillow would be a mini version of the quilt. Except for the quilting ;) LOL I used Amanda Jean's envelope back pillow method again. I have to say, LOVE making these. Quick satisfying finishes are always a good thing right? :) Here it is!
I ditched the star but. . . no quilting in those print triangles. . . can you believe it? LOL
LOVE how the blue thread matches perfectly and really pops on the black :)
Now for the purple one. . . umm, not so much fabric left for this one!! Like, after this pillow - NO fabric left! I had to get a little creative ;) I went to town on the quilting. . . of course I did! I wanted to try that square spiral design with triangles. LOVE! :) I'm not going to lie, of the two pillows, I seriously wanted to keep this one!! Like really really wanted to keep!!
LOTS of ruler work on this one :)
It just makes me smile :)
Two pillow finishes, three days of sewing/quilting. Gotta love that! And a happy customer. All is good. :) And no more commissions for me for awhile! haha

What have I been working on? . . . Renee's Mini!!! And it is finished. Going in the mail today! She should get it Friday or Saturday. . . come back and see the big reveal! I cannot wait for her to get it and I cannot wait to see what Renee has up her sleeve for me! The suspense is almost unbearable!!! ;)

AND, remember those 300 HSTs that were a by product from Jason's quilt? . . . well I've started trimming. And I think I have decided on a layout. Those HSTs need to be a quilt. Now! :) Look for at least a flimsy finish by next Friday. Probably not a quilt finish, we are headed north to play in the snow for a few days. . . hmmmm, might have to bring my cutting mat, rotary cutter and HSTs!! LOL

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Until next time, keep on quilting! I'll be trimming ;)
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  1. These are wonderful! Love the quilting on both of them. I had hoped to gets your quilt in the mail first things this morning, but instead I slept it, ha! But I'll get it out right after lunch. The ladies (and two dudes) at the guild meeting last night were ooohing and aaaahing over it, and one I was giving it away. So, that adds a lot of hype! I'm calling it Purple Paisley Portholes. NO MORE HINTS.

  2. Oooh, I love that Renee is teasing us with hints about the mini quilt. I so look forward to seeing both finishes! And these pillows are awesome, Judy. The quilting on the purple one is really awesome and kudos for you to being able to let it go.

  3. I love that quilting on them both, and as blues and purples are in my favourites box, stunning!!! And Renee giving a wee hint.. will have to wait and see.

  4. Beautiful quilting! Love them!

  5. Gorgeous pillows, but yeh I couldn't believe you didn't quilt in the blue tri's, LOL You really have that quilting design nailed girl!!

  6. OK! Not sure if you have read E-Squared but if you have--you will understand--the Universe has been sending so much my way and you and your posts are apart of it! You are just amazing me with how far you have come in the short time we have been connected---I think the Universe has allot of good things planned for you. Hope this comment is not weird??

  7. Beautiful work Judy! You are hooked on those zentangle/paradox designs...and you have done a great job with them. Cant wait to see the min you made for Renee...and hers for you....both of you do stunning work. How fun that you have leap right into blogland...and with some of my faborite bloggers too!

  8. Amazing pillows. Can't believe you did not quilt the blue triangles! Love the zentangle quilting on both of them. Look forward to seeing both your minis-Renee is such a tease.

  9. The pillows turned out beautiful!

  10. These two pillows turned out WOW Judy!
    You can bet we're all waiting to see what you and Renee created for each other!

  11. I can see why they wanted cushions - these turned out great! Happy New year!

  12. Both are lovely! I love your insane quilting!

  13. Amazing quilting, especially that purple one. And hope the snow is lots of fun, sounds an excellent plan to take your cutting with you!

  14. Love, love LOVE that purple pillow! The quilting is so fabulous - makes me want to run in my sewing room now and quilt...something! That is pure inspiration right there. :)

  15. Wow! You always inspire me with your quilting.


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