Monday, October 12, 2015

Q4 FAL List

I have been sewing up a storm and regular readers are about to see a couple of finished flimsies that I have not blogged about yet. . . I know, I've been more than a little quiet and it wasn't that long ago that I ran right to my computer after finishing something to post. These days I just keep sewing! So here is my Q4 (Does that sound so odd?? What happened to Q1, 2 and 3???) FAL list. Linking up with Adrienne over at On the Windy Side for the Q4 linky party. Last quarter was such a success, I'm hoping for a repeat ;) The link is open until the 15th - there is still time to join the fun!

1. Finish quilting this quilt:
No, I haven't blogged about this yet. . . and yes, I've started quilting it!
This is a commissioned quilt and I will have it sent out by the end of the week. Yes, I said will! :) Done!!

2. Another never seen before flimsy, another commissioned quilt (Done!):
I have not started quilting this one yet - but I am itching to get started!!
3. I have almost all of the fabric and the pattern will be the new Fat Quarter Shop pattern called Welded. This is another commissioned quilt. Requested color, pink. . . yeah, me and pink ;) I'm excited about this one. Lambs, horses, pigs and chickens have been requested. I'm going to fussy cut the Cotton and Steel Mustang in pink fabric for the sashing blocks. The centers of all of the other blocks will either be lambs, pigs or chickens :) I'm actually very excited about this one, I think it is going to be pretty cool if it turns out half as good as it looks in my head :) Done!

4. I'm doing a mini (not mini mini) quilt swap with Renee. We planned this months ago. Months. I'm putting it on my list because I know if I do, it will get done :) I'm not going to provide details but I have everything I need. . . including some pretty epic thread! I couldn't just use any old thread for this one right?? ;) Quilting is all that is needed for this one :)

5. Massdrop strikes again. . . When I saw the drop for Anna Marie Horner's Loominous line, I resisted. Really, I did. Until right at the end! :) If you have not petted this fabric in person, I highly recommend you do!!! BTW, it is up again. . . and you have time ;) Then I was skipping through the sale fabrics at Hawthorne threads and found this:
Linen. Backing. SO soft and beautiful!! 'Nuf said.
I have Loominous for the front and that beautiful Valori Wells Liv print for the backing. And I have a plan. This is going to be my quilt. It is going to be big. I will use every inch of the Loominous fabric. I have a plan. . . This is to be started only after I finish the other four items on this list. . . Really!

I know there will be other things that pop up. Don't they always? :) This list is totally doable! I'm not putting the rose linen quilt on the list this time. . . I do plan on getting some quilting done on it though.

Until next time, keep on quilting!! :)
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  1. I am pretty intrigued to see what you are going to do with Loominous. I do love Valori Wells' prints, and her quilts...and Sisters, Oregon! Totally can relate to the productive effects of staying off the computer All of these are going to be just fabulous, such glorious colours here! Add in your glorious quilting, and ahh, feasts for the eyes coming up!

  2. You did such an awesome job of completing items on your list in Q3, and it will be exciting to watch you progress on these projects this quarter. Congratulations on the commissions... and how was going to the quilt show on Friday?

  3. I totally understand not wanting to stop sewing to blog. Looks like some fun projects for this quarter.

  4. Big fan of Valorie Wells and looking forward to seeing what you do with the Massdrop bundle of AMH!

  5. Woo! I'm on the list! I need to finish up a couple more quilts and then my brain will be ready to tackle your mini!

  6. Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see what magic you perform on quilt #2!! The possibilities for quilting designs are endless... :)


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