Friday, October 16, 2015

Oversized D9P Flimsy

If you saw my post on Monday, you have seen this flimsy. I finished this quilt last week. I've been quilting it this week and will finish it today, if my machine decides it is going to cooperate better today than it did yesterday. . . more on that in a few. . .

This is a quilt based on TUQ. For that quilt I used a layer cake. Making a 9 patch with 10 inch squares presented an issue or two. . . that's one whopping big block to cut into four equal parts. . . I muddled through and got the quilt together. For this one, I wanted bigger blocks. . . So I decided to make the blocks individually. I started with 12" inch squares. The prints are pretty large in these fabrics so I wanted them to shine. I used 5" x 12" rectangles and 5" squares for the three other units of the block. This quilt went together quick. This is a commissioned quilt and they wanted the sashings between the horizontal rows like I did in TUQ. Those sashings were cut at 5" (the top and bottom sashings) and the middle sashing worked out at just about 4". It was a border fabric (same as the one used in TUQ) and I had to go with the width it was. So enough of the background, how about some pictures? :)

Picture of fabric prior to cutting. Michael Miller Carnival Bloom, Brown; Amy Butler Violette Garden Fete Grass, Intrigue Floral Garden Pink/Burgundy; Amy Butler Cameo Harriet's Kitchen Sugar; Jinny Beyer Pallette Dahlia Olive; Michael Miller Batik Spa Scallop Turquoise; Kaffe Fasset Serpentine Magenta Lewis & Irene Bumbleberries Black (binding fabric) and for the backing Art Gallery Recollection Voile Sunday Clippings
Shot without sashing and prior to sewing together. Because the Amy Butler fabric is directional, I wanted to have all of the blocks laid out on the design wall prior to sewing. Yes, that second block in the last row is laid out wrong - I caught it prior to sewing everything together :)
Here it is all sewn together :) You can see I did a little tweaking with the block placement once the blocks were sewn together.
I fussy cut the two Amy Butler fabrics. When I laid it out to cut, I did not like how the cuts would end up really hacking up the design in the fabrics. Took a little time but definitely worth it :)

I am almost done quilting it. I would be finished if my machine was cooperating. Every so often, it decides to 'throw' stitches. And when it does this, the stitches are very loose. So I have to stop, rip out the stitches, redo the threading and bobbin and go on. I have not decided if this is about my machine not liking Glide thread (you might recall I was having this same issue the last time I used Glide) but I question that because this did not start happening until I had about half of the quilt quilted. Strange gremlins :) I will not use Glide on the next quilt, we'll see if this issue continues. . . Look for a ta da it's finished post soon ;)

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Until next time, keep on quilting! :)
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  1. I hope your machine had a nice rest over night and behaves for you much better today! :)

  2. Are you using a long arm or a DSM? I occasionally have tension issues like that and I've resolved it by replacing the bobbin case in my DSM. It wasn't very expensive - only about $25. I've replaced it twice on the machine that I've had for 13 years and once on my newer machine.

  3. What fun! I love extra big blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt it. Hope you get the stitch issues figured out.

  4. This is so pretty! I enjoyed looking at it closely to see if I could see the blocks as they came from the disappearing nine patch. It is really amazing what you can do with that technique!

  5. I just love this quilt Judy. I am resisting (still) running down to that Diane Phalen fabric I told you of and making my own version of TUQ. As for the second block last row placement...could not see what you meant and I studied the quilt! Only thing I noticed was the garter stitch-like turquoise fabric directions not all being the same, but you fixed that. I still need to do a D9P, as I fail to see the 9-patch as Diann points out! Also good to note on Kaelyn's bobbin case, huh?

  6. I loved making my D9P quilt. It's so much fun playing with the cut blocks and figuring out how to put them together again. There are so many options! I love the sashing you've added to your quilt.


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