Friday, July 31, 2015

Quilty Pillow Goodness

Yes, I said pillow. . . if you read my last couple of posts, you are thinking "Wait a minute, shouldn't you be showing us a finished quilt??" Yes, that is true. Here's the deal. It's too big for me to get a good picture of it by myself. So that post will happen tomorrow. . . or Sunday ;) But I have something really, really, really good for you today!

Remember # 2 on my  Q3 FAL goals? Done, done and done! I made two pillow cases AND the butterfly pillow (cushion) cover! This post is picture heavy and I'm not going to apologize. I'll be linking up this post with the linky party over at On the Windy Side at the end of the quarter. YAY :D

OK, pillow cases. Umm, have you ever made pillow cases? I had not. They are super easy! I used this pattern over at All People Quilt as recommended by Sandra. Thank you! I had to read this pattern several times before I could wrap my head around it. . . might have been too early in the morning . . . BUT, once I did - it was quick and it finishes beautifully with not one exposed raw edge! Yes my friends, they have french seams :)

I used that special text fabric in gray, the quilt is bound in this fabric. I also used the purple fabric that is used for the border in the quilt. :) The pink is the same print as the purple fabric. Cally wanted pink and purple - how perfect is this? :)

Best part? That butterfly fabric has been in my stash since right after I started quilting. They were wide quilt backs and I had a lot left over. I'm happy to report that there are only very small pieces of each of them left! YAY for using up stash that ends up being perfect!! :)
As kind of an after thought. . . I decided to add the pillow to the list of goals. . . How hard could it be? Famous last words! I used the butterfly piecing pattern by Tartan Kiwi (check out her other paper piecing patterns, they are OMG awesome! Umm, Sandra - ZEBRA!!) available here. Those of you who have been around for any length of time know, I am not an experience paper piecer. . . not.even.close. This one tested me. Big time. So many pieces. So many angles. So much thinking! The first dilemma was what fabric??? This did not take as long as I thought. And I am happy to say that all of it came from my stash! OK, I'm rethinking this whole stash making me nervous thing! I love being able to make a project beginning to end with NO shopping trips involved :) Here are the fabrics I settled on:
I wish I could tell you what this batik piece is or where it came from - I want more. . . A LOT more!
This is a fat quarter from a bundle I bought on Massdrop. . . Modern Muse
Also from the Modern Muse bundle.
I spent a LOT of time trying to figure out what colors to use for the middle four pieces of each of the wings. I found the piece of batik and decided it had enough variance in color that I could easily make the four pieces be different enough but still look great together AND it coordinated beautifully with the Modern Muse pieces.

Commence the piecing. . .
When I got to this point, I decided I was not making two pillows :)
I wasn't sure about the batik. . . but I think it was exactly the right choice :)

After 7 hours, the bottom half was complete. . . I told you I was not an experience PPer ;)
And after 12 hours, I had this! SO in love with this!
My butterfly finished at 11.5". . . a full inch smaller. That's OK. Border will be bigger and I'll have more room to play with quilting ;) Check it out, the perfect border turned out to be a piece of fabric I had left over from Shock Waves. SO glad I kept the 'scraps' from that project! I added a 4.5 inch border and then. . . the quilting commenced!
I used one of my stencils to do the feather wreath. Love!
I used YLI nylon thread for the scribble quilting on the background fabric. I knew I wanted it mashed down but I also knew I did NOT want the quilting to interfere with the birds on the white fabric. It worked well! This is a new to me thread. I learned about this thread in the class I went to with Gina Perkes (I know! I need to share about that too!!). She uses it to SITD - I used it for that on this piece - I am sold!! 
Pebbles to mash down the fabric outside the feather wreath :) I was going to do pebbles for the background of the butterfly. I could NOT see what I was doing! Scribble works well in those situations ;)
OK, don't faint. . . Yes, I hand embroidered those antennae on with 12 wt Aurifil thread. I didn't even break out in a rash! :)
I used the pillow tutorial over at Crazy Mom Quilts. I'm starting to really understand her obsession with making pillows!! I decided however to bind mine with the same batik spot fabric. And here it is all finished :)

And one more picture.
Cally is excited to get these in her hands :)
The pillow really tested my skills. But it was fun! :) I might need a little recovery period before tackling another butterfly. . . maybe paper piecing in general! ;) Next up is doing some ripping and requilting on the Family Tree quilt. I'm going to say this shouldn't take long. . . but there are a LOT of stitches in those leaves and adding a name so it looks like it was always there is going to be. . . tricky. Very tricky. I am up for the challenge! Oh, and don't forget to come back in a day or two and see Cally's finished quilt!! :D

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday. If you are here from there, welcome!! If you haven't been over there yet, check out what others have finished this week :)

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. Wow! That batik is so versatile and perfect for your butterfly. While I don't buy too much batik, I'm totally sold on this one.

  2. I started that same butterfly block last summer, and kept struggling. It still isn't done :( but maybe I will do it soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oooh, pretty butterfly! And gorgeous quilting of course :) I love that pillowcase method. I've seen it called the sausage method and the burrito method. My kids both made some in Family and Consumer Science (that would be Home Ec!) as an intro to sewing. Of course my two already knew how to drive a machine...

  4. Pillow goodness is right, they are all just adorable! And yes I LOVE having a large stash and being able to go shop in my own closet(s) for my project!!

  5. Good to see you using your stash. Love all three pillows. The text fabric is perfect with the pink and purple. And your PP Butterfly I'd simply amazing. The batik was amazing. :)

  6. Beautiful cushions!!! Your quilting is amazing.

  7. The pillowcases are so awesome, but the butterfly pillow?!? Oh my goodness, Judy, it is perfect! I love the quilting you were able to do around it and the batik and colors of the butterfly are so spectacular! I know Callie is going to love these all so much. And way to use your stash!

  8. All kinds of wow on this one Judy! And, (cough) "rethinking this whole stash making me nervous thing" -- uh, YAY-ess, and welcome to the club! Shopping in your stash is very therapeutic, rewarding, good for the self-esteem....Oh, and "SO glad I kept the 'scraps' from that project!" (more clearing of throat) um hel-LOOOO and welcome to this club too! This pillow (why did I think it was a wallhanging?) turned out so wonderful; I want to run down and make a cushion cover right now! Love that batik so much, the wreath, the scribble quilting...lovely just freaking lovely. Glad to help on the pillowcase tute--have made it many many times. :-)

  9. Congrats on making great progress! Lovely makes. I know you just started with the linky but you confused it with another one. This one is for FAL and don't forget to add link to your original list ;)

  10. What a beautiful butterfly! Well done!
    The block is smaller due to your printer settings. The exact terms differ depending of the type of printer that you have, but make sure that you have your printer set to print at 100% or actual size. If you don't do this then the printer will shrink the page so that everything fits. Also printing directly from an iphone or ipad can lead to problems in the scale of the pattern).

    Hope this makes sense...

  11. The butterfly cushion is stunning. I love how you've framed it with the feather wreath. I know you said you weren't an expert paper piecer but you would never know looking at that.

  12. Oh my goodness! I am afraid that the gorgeous butterfly will fly straight into my open mouth!!!
    Love it, your work is so inspiring, Judy.

  13. That quilted pillow turned out so awesome! What a great set with the butterfly pillow cases!

  14. Your pillows are lovely. Your paper piecing skills seem pretty excellent to me and your quilting is lovely. I'm visiting as part of the 2015 Finish Along official cheerleading squad.


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