Friday, July 10, 2015

2015 Q3 FAL

Yes, I am going to join the Q3 FAL hosted by Adrienne over at On The Windy Side. I have never joined before but have watched many of my blogging buddies over the past year and a half joining in and getting the kick in the pants motivation to finish up projects :) The last couple of weeks have been crazy. Some quilting getting done but mostly life stuff that popped up as it tends to do around here. . . I'm kind of thinking about changing my last name. . . maybe then Murphy's law will not be quite so prevalent! Shortly after my last post I was in a car accident. Fortunately, no one was hurt. I wasn't even a little sore the next day. Unfortunately, both vehicles were totaled. The last several weeks have been filled with what a lot of people would consider the fun of getting a new vehicle. This process has been anything but fun. I'll spare you all of the details but the short of where it stands right at this moment is that the vehicle we bought is in the shop (three blog posts could be written about that) and I will be driving a loaner for another week and a half. . . SO, Hugs and Butterfly Kisses is not finished (so close though) and  I am feeling the need to document what I need to finish over the next three months to keep me on task :) My list feels long. I've never felt the need to make a list before as I would start and finish a project and move to the next. . . Things have gone a little awry with that plan :) Without further ado, here's the list:

1. Number one priority is to finish my daughter's quilt, Hugs and Butterfly Kisses. Maybe by the end of this weekend?? Done!
SO in love with this quilt. . . But not as in love as my daughter is! YAY :D
2. I've decided along with the quilt, Cally needs a butterfly pillow (made from the paper piecing pattern by Tartan Kiwi available at Payhip) and pillow cases with that special fabric on the cuff. I did find the name of the fabric and was able to source it. Thank you to Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics for quickly providing me with the name (Chalk Line Inspirations) and to Val for finding even more options available for purchase at Fabrics and Quilts.

3. Finish quilting Nod to Gees Bend. This got pushed to the side when I got the news that Cally would be moving. Once 1 and 2 are finished, 3 needs to be under the needle and finished. I have no other reason other than it is driving me crazy having a quilt that is partially quilted staring at me . . . I have changed directions in quilting this one so many times I have lost track. I have a complete plan now, I just need to DO IT! I finished this top the beginning of April - for me, that is a very long time! And it is finished!
Can you hear it mocking me?? I can, loud and clear! :)
4. Remember the Family Tree quilt? Well. . . I need to add a name. . . and I need to add some quilting... ;) My mom said she was going to give the quilt to someone else to add the name. As you might imagine, I almost had a freakin' heart attack. I now have the quilt in my possession (did any of you gasp when I said she was going to hand it over to someone else to do? I still get heart palpitations just thinking about it!!) and need to get it finished and back to mom to hang in their living room :) Done!
I am going to add quilting around the tree, I always thought it needed something and now that I have it back - it definitely does ;)
5. Rose Linen quilt. . . I don't know that this one will be finished, but I need to make some progress. This is going to definitely be a long term project - there is a LOT of quilting left to do. . .
You might think, "A lot of quilting? Where?" Trust me, there's a lot of quilting left to do ;)
6. I have a quilt to make for my nephew's stepson. He's a wonderful young man who is currently living with my brother. I have made quilts for all of my brother's children, and Jason's little sister Kimber. Obviously, Jason needs a Judy Quilt :) Yes, I have a plan! I am going to use the fat quarter bundle of Doe to make Cheryl's (Meadow Mist Designs) Plus Plus pattern. I have everything I need to make the quilt. I think it is a totally doable goal to get this finished by the end of the quarter. Done! Although I did use a different pattern :)

7. OK, this is a stretch goal ;) Start and finish Sparkle Punch a free pattern by Oh Fransson . . LOVE this quilt. I have been obsessed with making this quilt since May. . . I even bought a very cool Voile for the backing recently. I now have everything I need to start and finish this quilt. It's gonna happen ;) Done!!

I'm going to stop here. . . I have a feeling know there will other things pop up. . . I'm thinking of one right now that I know I want to finish before the end of the quarter. But for now, this is my list and I'm sticking to it!! :D Have you linked up with the FAL? Has it helped you stay focused? My fingers are crossed. I need some focus! HA! And now it is time for me to get to the sewing machine to quilt!! :)

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. I am so happy to hear that everyone was okay after the accident. I'm wishing you a better and productive quarter. And I can totally see why Cally is loving that quilt so much.

  2. Good Luck Judy! You always get so much done, this list should be easy to finish.
    I'm glad to hear no-one was injured, but pity about the cars; both the old and the new! I hope that's resolved soon.

  3. Good luck with your list. This is my first link up so I'm hoping it works for me too.
    I'm sorry about all the drama with the car. I hope the end is in sight and that it all works out for the best

  4. Holy moly, I was definitely feeling like it had been a bit since I heard from you. I am so, so glad you are OK. And it sounds like there is a whole crazy mess of details behind the car situation. Many hugs and good vibes heading your way.

    Your list is awesome, and in 3 months I can see you getting through most of this. I certainly want to see them finished, too! I am so excited for Cally and that quilt is going to be so special and a great marker of her new move and transition!

  5. Be patient with yourself and you'll get to where you need to be. I love all your quilt projects and plans. I'm so glad there were no injuries in the accident. Cars can be fixed most times but it's so much harder for people.

  6., I'm not insensitive, this is me snickering that you of all people have a couple, make that a few (did I make you shiver? cringe?) UFOs!! Welcome to my, "Oh look! A squirrel!" world! :-) All good, and oh yes, having a list does help me to focus. It makes me return to projects that still would be in a bag somewhere. I am so glad you are okay, my friend, and I do know with your ability to ignore squirrels and put the pedal to the metal, this list will be history in 3 months. :-)

  7. Well I sure had a cow over the family tree quilt being handed to someone else. Even if they are a great quilter... the added name needs you Judy! Your list is ambitious, but you pulled off this much regularly before. Those projects are going to be great! Here's hoping there will be no more Murphy's Law incidents! :)

  8. I'm yet to make my list, you have some nice projects in there! Good luck!

  9. So sorry to hear about the accident. Car shopping is a drag. Sounds like you have had some challenges with your new vehicle! I think we all have a tendency to make lists that are longer than what we can possibly get accomplished.

  10. Quite a list, Judy! But I have faith in you to get things done!

  11. Sorry to hear about the accident glad everyone was ok. I love your linen roses and I can see you making a sparkle punch quilt - great fun project.

  12. Judy, happy to have you back. Relieved that everyone is fine. I make lists and then new lists overcome the old ones :-)
    I am confident you will accomplish a lot (if not all) of projects on your list. Sending hugs and best wishes to you!!!

  13. That is quite an impressive list!! One thing at a time - ok? Glad you are ok - sorry about the car, and the car in the shop - that is not a good thing...... heres to a better week!


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