Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Albuquerque Fiber Arts Festival

OK, enough with the procrastination on this post!! I wish I could say I have gotten a lot done due to not being on the computer for the past couple of days. . . I cannot. I did get Nod to Gees Bend basted and started quilting. . . and then ripped it all out! Do you ever have a 'great' idea and then get into it and decide, nope, not right? That's what happened and now I am back at the 'drawing board' waiting for a little inspiration to hit. . . maybe it will hit today while I play with my painted fabric ;)

I went to Albuquerque to the Fiber Arts Festival! What a feast for the eyes! I had to walk around with my hands in my pockets - it is SO hard to resist the urge to touch all of that quilty goodness!! :) I had two quilts juried into the show:
Off Course
After seeing all of the quilts hanging in the show, I was truly honored to have my quilts accepted! I didn't win any ribbons but honestly, with the quality of the quilts hanging in the show, I felt like having my quilts hang in the show was a huge win! I took some photos of my favorites, but if you really want to see the majority of the quilts hanging in the show, Sophie over at Sophie Junction has added her photos to a Flikr photo album. She has a TON of pictures and quite honestly, I am pretty sure I saw all of the quilts more than once and she has photos of quilts I don't remember seeing! And they are awesome photos with really great detail shots - it is definitely worth a look to see all of the amazing quilts that were hanging at the show! I am more than a little sad that I didn't meet Sophie at the show :( It didn't click with me that we were both going to be there (I'm sure we passed each other on more than one occasion!) or I surely would have made arrangements to meet up. There is always the next show in two years! :D

First, I went to the show with Wendy (my quilty friend that I met at Cindy Needham's class in January). Wendy had three quilts hanging in the show. . . and they ALL got ribbons!! How awesome is that??? Wendy's work is spectacular and she has the ribbons to prove it! :D Here are my photos of her quilts, but seriously, check out Sophie's album for some spectacular close up shots!

Umm. . . I've been through all of my pictures. . . I am red faced. . . I don't have a picture of Wendy's third quilt :( Sorry Wendy, I'm going to blame it on the sheer excitement of seeing all of those beautiful quilts. . . and the ensuing shopping frenzy! LOL

On to more pictures! The most exciting thing about going to the show? Meeting Renee (Quilts of a Feather)! We met up at the show on Friday and had dinner on Friday night and we were able to walk around on Saturday looking at the quilts! Meeting blogger friends in person is SO awesome!! If you ever have the chance, DO IT!! :D 
Renee with one of her entries, Crystal City :)
And here is Renee's other entry, Flying North
Renee also quilted the banner for the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Quilt booth! It is AMAZING! Check out her post for pictures :) Renee's quilting is even more amazing in person! The talent is just oozing out of her!! OK, enough gushing, I don't want to embarrass her, but she really is an amazing quilter and just an all around sweetheart!

Here is a taste of some of the other quilts that were at the show. I have listed the information on maker when I was able. Again, Sophie did an awesome job of getting the names of makers and quilters for all of the quilts she photographed. 
This quilt won for best HAND quilting. . .
Umm, yeah - HAND quilted!! The detail was amazing. I can't imagine how long this must have taken!
Gail Garber made this beauty. First place in small art quilts. I stood in front of this quilt with my mouth hanging open for a long time! They almost called security ;) LOL
This was the first quilt I saw when I walked into the door! I might have started hyperventilating a little and there might have been a skip involved ;)
My slant toward the love of modern quilts might show through in my pictures :)
All Kaffe Fasset fabric - LOVE!!
Gotta love the curves in this piece!

And the quilting is spectacular!
Afton at Quilting Mod had three quilts in the show. This is the only one I captured. I briefly met Afton as well, she was busy at the AMQG booth :)
This quilt was hanging next to Off Course. I could not stop looking at it!! Beautiful colors!

And the quilting!! Oh my!!
I have seen this quilt on the net. It is amazing in person!!
And the quilting!!! OMG, the quilting!!!!
That concludes my little mini showing of the quilts at AFAF. Please do go look at Sophie's pictures - they truly are awesome and it really is worth the time to take a look :) Check out the best home machine quilted quilt. . . That's some serious quilting and this was NOT a small quilt!! :)

This post is long enough. . . maybe too long! :) I'm going to write another post on the shopping spree that ensued! :D I think it is deserving of its own post! LOL

Until next time, keep on quilting!!

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  1. I am so glad you had such a great time with Wendy and Renee! Too bad I'm not closer to be able to drop by, too. It must be so hard to be a judge; everything looks amazing!

  2. Gorgeous quilts! Congrats on getting your lovely pieces into this show!

  3. Fantastic, I can only imagine them in person but your photos are great to see - sounds like a brilliant time was had by all!

  4. Gorgeous quilts in the show! What a fabulous time you must have had! Some times ideas sound good at the time...and sometimes you gotta try it to find out if it works or not!

  5. Gorgeous quilts. Both yours and the others.

  6. I loved seeing the show through your eyes (and camera). How fun to have two of your quilts in it.

  7. I enjoy staring at your quilts---they are beautiful. Looks like you had a wonderful time seeing incrediable quilts, meeting and being with fellow quilters. Life Is Good! Loved the post.

  8. I, too, have seen that quilt on the net with all the white and LOVELY quilting...These are fabulous, but Judy I cannot see why your Renaissance, at the very least, did not get a prize! It seriously made me breathe in sharply to see it again. I'd forgotten how much depth is in it, and to think it was the class sample you LEARNED on in Cindy's class--!! So cool to see Renee's Flying North again, how I love that quilt, (it is on my Pinterest) and to have had time with her in person, so much fun, so much talent at FMQ amongst the 3 of you. Wendy's quilts...stunning doesn't seem to be adequate. At another level, that's for sure. That hand-quilted one--! They would throw up if they saw the hand quilting I was doing on my runner this am...Q2 is drawing to a close and I need to get that damn runner done and dusted! Thanks for this, and when I have time (after the NBH) I will check out the link to Sophie's photos.

  9. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts, and congrats on having two of yours in the show!

  10. you hang out with some seriously talented people ( and you fit in so perfectly!!) What a great time you all had!

  11. Soooo much fabulousness in one post! A huge congratulations for getting two of your quilt in the show Judy. And to Wendy for her ribbons! And to you and Renee for spending a wonderful time together! I agree with what Alycia just wrote - you each are so talented and all around powerhouse quilters.

  12. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing!

  13. So great that you could take pictures at the show...and even better that you shared them with us! Glad you had fun!!!


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