Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vacation Fabric Buys. . .

First, if you haven't entered my giveaway -! It's only open until 5/10 at 12 a.m. PST. It's instant gratification, .PDF patterns and a Hawthorn Threads gift certificate. I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

Remember I said that I went a little crazy with the online shopping while I was on vacation? Well, most of the packages have now arrived. . . Still waiting for two cones (yes, the big big cones) of Aurifil thread. . . Actually, my shopping spree wasn't as bad as I thought. . . yup, might be justifying just a bit there. :) I had decided a couple of months ago that I really need to sew my stash and stop adding to it. To be honest, stash makes me kind of nervous. I love all of those colors and fabrics sitting there all pretty just waiting to be cut up into a quilt. But then I start thinking, am I ever going to use all of this?? My stash is pretty small compared to others I have seen around blogland (come back the end of next week, I'm going to be sharing my sewing space and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about). I'm more apt to buy fabric to suit the quilt that is striking my fancy at the moment. Which means I don't always look to my stash first. . . And sometimes a girl just needs new fabric!

OK, enough of my angst, here's what I bought and what my plans (if I have a plan lol) are for it:

Amy Butler True Colors.
It's early. No natural light. . . but you get the idea :)
I have a plan! I saw Sparkle Punch as made by Kati, From the Blue Chair. And I saw this bundle and decided it is perfect for this pattern and both the pattern and the fabric remind me of my niece. . . Ahem. Yes, I have fabric in my stash that would be just as perfect. . . but not as perfect as this bundle ;) Does it count that I'll use background fabric from my stash? . . . I can't wait to get started on this quilt. I have one or two things that need to be finished up. . . and then. . . :) Oh, and the pattern is from Oh Frasson! Her site is undergoing a makeover and is not fully functional. . . I panicked! The pattern is free on her site, but try as I might I could not get to it. . . A little obsessed and not to be deterred, I found it in an old Fons and Porter magazine. . . which I may have purchased as well. . . OK, enough on that one, on to the next!

Plaster of Paris.
No such thing as enough blenders right? Right??? ;)
LOVE this! The colors are absolutely fabulous. Much like the Handspray bundle I am using for the Modern Maples quilt I'm making (update post on that Monday!). Plans? Who needs a plan with a bundle that fabulous?? haha But seriously, I have plans for parts of it. I'm going to be testing a couple of patterns over the next couple of months and I think this bundle will come in extremely handy :) Other than that, I'll be staring at it lovingly :)

Handcrafted by Alison Glass
I'm thinking something with flying geese. . . But I'm not ready to commit!
I have had my eye on this bundle for months. . . and I caved. Plans? None. I'm going to stare at it for awhile. It makes me smile. :) Something will come to me!

Some of you will recognize all of these bundles as recent Massdrop offerings. . . yeah. I also got the Olfa blade replacements, the Simmons sewing gauge and the Aurifil cones. . . That is what you call absolutely no restraint. . .

See! that wasn't so bad! ;) Linking up with the fabulous Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash. Head over and be tempted ;) Also linking up with Patchwork Times for DWM.

Until next time, keep on quilting! And buying fabric ;)
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  1. What better way to spend your vacation! I have yet to buy anything on Massdrop, don't make me go check them out!

  2. that's not so bad at all, only three bundles...

  3. Oh I love the Plaster of Paris! And...for a great online fabric shop, have you been to Sew Me A Song on Etsy? Cool and unique fabrics for sure! Good luck with your giveaway Judy! You are bound to get lots of new followers. I just love your blog!

  4. Are these all FQ bundles? I should probably get more FQs, but I've been geeting 1/2 yard to yard cuts more often recently... :)

  5. Your collection is beautiful! Best part is seeing what you create--always a TREAT! At times I wish I had your restraint on keeping the stash low---I might need to see someone about this addiction--or maybe not! haha.

  6. Well pardon me a moment while i wipe up the drool off my keyboard....

    You picked some Fabulous bundles Judy. And left me with a lot of links i want to check out too! Can't wait to see your Creative Space!

  7. Nice bundles! Yes, Massdrop is trying hard to carry more quilt related items. I haven't bought anything from them yet, but I look and drool!

  8. Your stash enhancement was really not that bad!! I like all the fabrics!! Your Sparkle Punch is going to be fabulous!!!


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