Friday, February 13, 2015

Shattered Star

Happy Friday! What's better than waking up and realizing it is Friday? Waking up, realizing it is Friday and having a Friday finish!! :) Shattered Star, my first (oh yes, there will be more!) black and white quilt is finished! I wonder, does the amazement of how different a top looks quilted ever go away? Is there anything better than seeing a quilt for the first time after it has been washed and dried?? Ahh, it is the small things in life people! 

OK, back to Shattered Star. First, thank you Jasmine for coming up with a name for this one! Now on with the show! 
Lighting is a little better this time. . . less blue than the flimsy finish post :)
Feathers and spirals. . . umm, I think I need to add some designs to my arsenal ;) They are just so much fun to do!!

You can see in those outside triangles I did an Angela Walters design in her book Shape by Shape - she however used the design in squares.

In the black center part of the stars, I did straight lines and filled in every other column with circles. . . If you look really close you can make them out.

And the back!! The bottom fabric is Robert Kaufman Spot On wide backing. Perfect! :)
A closer picture of the top of the quilt so you can see the quilting.
Quilt stats:
Finished size: Approximately 65"x70"
Fabric - Unfortunately, I do not know all of the names. . . BUT I can tell you that the majority of the black on white text fabrics came from the Word Up FQ bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics. No, I am not affiliated in any way with Pink Castle but I am a huge fan of their bundles! I have noticed that this bundle changes as new text fabrics arrive on the scene. I did order another one - and was giddy to see some new faces in the bunch! For the border and binding  and the back I used various prints from Spot On by Robert Kaufman (LOVE this line!!!). Also making it onto the back is my final piece of Widescreen in black and white. 
Batting: Quilter's Dream Wool

Making this quilt firmly cemented my love affair of using a glue stick for matching seams! I did not rip one seam in the making of this quilt! Are they all perfect? No. But they are so close even that little snarky perfectionist in me was quite satisfied :) 

I have mentioned this in every post about this quilt and I will say it again - this block definitely deserves another quilt! Next time, it will be done in solids.

I have lots in the works and another finish (my first attempt at a non-quilt project and a big ole fail but I'm going to share it anyway! LOL) to share with you. I need to spend some time at my computer writing posts instead of reading blogs ;) 

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Until next time, keep on quilting!!!
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  1. Love the texture in the photo of the back - you can really see the quilting shine there. Must learn how to do spirals - they look brilliant!

  2. I second what Ruth says... the photo of the back really shows of your quilting on the top solid portion of the backing. Awesome! The quilt looks great, and I hope we never get over the excitement of pulling a quilt out of the wash for the first time (my husband loves this step, too)! :)

  3. I love to see how brave you are getting with all your different designs! Yes the amazement will always continue of how a quilt changes from the flimsy to the quilting and onto binding and washing!! Truly is a fun process :-)

  4. Awesome! You quilting looks sooo good.

  5. I love this quilt! I love the black and white, the layout, and especially the quilting. (I also really like the name.) It turned out amazing!!! I can hardly wait to see what you do next. And if you are looking for more designs... I just got Christina Cameli's new book: step by step free motion quilting. Totally love it.

  6. Beautiful quilting, Judy! I love those triangles - so sharp. Perfect name choice too. (I feel like I stalk your blog now...ha). You're so fast with the quilting. I've learned patience with piecing, but once I finish my current top I need to take a chance and quilt it myself and be patient - I'll just think of your nice finishes as my inspiration. Oh and it's nice to see that Widescreen in action. I got some of it in grey, I think it'll mix well with a lot of fabrics.

  7. Beautiful quilt! Your quilting is really impressive. I keep saying I need to branch out from my straight lines... I should probably also branch oht and embrace black and white without color - you make it look good!

  8. You did it again! I so enjoy watching how you take one area and master the subject and then incorperate it into the future quilts. This is a strickingly Beautiful piece! and I am so happy you are happy with the outcome--cause I love it!

  9. What a fun quilt! It is so darn interesting...from all the text and patterns in b/w to the fantastic piecing and quilting...and then there's the super back! Great finish! I definitely look forward to seeing this in solids, too :)

  10. Looks great! Your quilting is always fab! BTW I woke up on Friday thinking> Is it Saturday? :)

  11. Shattered Star (I love that name too) turned out fabulous Judy! You are always so brave with your quilting and the results speak for themselves! Beautiful!

  12. Love the "Shattered Star" name and the spiral quilting. This is just a fun quilt :)

  13. Whoa, that was fast!!! Do you have a magic wand in your back pocket, Judy??? Another beautiful finish!
    Nope, for me the excitement never diminishes. :-) Something about all that quilty texture just makes me happy!

  14. Wait, what? A glue stick for matching seams? Tell me more! And this quilt is stunning. Love the quilting.

  15. That is just fantastic!! your quilting is exquisite!!!

  16. Feathers and spirals rock my world I recognize that circles inside a frame design?! It's a great one, and felt like learning to cursive write when I quilted the circles inside the lines. Wonderful quilt, and I agree, that intake of breath and ahhh on the letting it out, when I look at and run my hands over, a quilt freshly washed and blocked is something I never tire of. Great design, great fabric, great quilting; I can see why your niece is like, come ON Auntie Judy, already!

  17. It turned out awesome! Love the quilting and the giant geese on the back!


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