Monday, February 2, 2015

DWM Monday

After finishing my WCQ I went back to the black and white quilt. I finished sewing the white on black blocks together, cut them in half and sewed them to the black on white blocks. . . I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out. I'm happy to report - I LOVE the results :) I think there is potential for this block - some consideration as to what colors are put in the middle squares that get cut and I think they would reveal a pretty cool Irish chain of smaller squares! It's not really noticeable with the block made out of these fabrics - there wasn't enough contrast in the original 9 patch. I described the plan in this post. Here's what 9 patch blocks look like when they are cut in half and sewn together again. . . isn't it crazy? Take a perfectly good block and cut it in half??? But I digress, here is the block:
I keep thinking I should go into EQ7 and play with this with solids. . . but I don't have time!! LOL
Kinda cool huh? I'm quite certain I am not the first to do this. . . Actually, I'm 100% certain, but I hadn't seen it before. The next thing I did was take those blocks and PLAY!! :D Here are some of the layouts I came up with during my afternoon playing Quilt Block Shuffle . . . there really should be a game like that - I'd totally buy it!! :)

This is the layout I used on Twirling Aqua.
More symmetrical.
Pinwheels, Broken Dishes. . . Pinwheels, Broken Dishes
Geese flying east
Geese coming and going.
Which one do you like best? I've picked, and sewn it together. . . but I really want to know which layout you like best. I did not sew it into my favorite layout. . . I was out voted. . . by three to 1. My lonely vote against three others who all voted for the same one. Imagine that! Don't get me wrong - I think there are several really cool layouts and I really, really, really like the one that I ended up making but I really, really really, really liked the other one ;) So leave me a comment, tell me which one you like - I really, really want to know!! 

I'll be back in a day or two to share with you the finished flimsy :) I'd like to finish the quilting on this one by the end of the week. . . might actually be doable ;)

Linking up with Judy over at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. LOTS of inspiration to be had!

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. The star and the geese (last one) are my favorite. What a fun project!

  2. I like the star one best, but I really like the one you did on the aqua quilt.

  3. What a great block. and variety of layouts. I too give the Starry one my vote .

  4. Starry and the 2nd Geese!
    Lovely blocks!

  5. This is a really great concept! I like Starry and Geese Coming and Going.

  6. I like that last one, though of course they're all fun :)

  7. I like the symmetrical (2) and starry (3) layouts, but I can't really pick a favorite. The geese at the bottom is also really fun. I look forward to seeing what you pieced and learning which one you had favored!!!

  8. I like the star. Stars have pretty much always been my favourite blocks. However, a second is the Geese Coming and Going, simply because, duh, I've always liked flying geese blocks too (first pp project I ever did) and I really want to make a snowbirds quilt...get it? Uh, I think you should find someone who would make and market a game like this...reminds me of the hours I would spend as a kid playing with our wooden mosaics. Very therapeutic.

  9. All are beautiful but my favorites are the symmetrical and starry ones.

  10. I don't think you could go wrong with any of them, but the big starry one is my favorite.

  11. Star! And then geese coming an going. The Star has instant impact and the geese is fun!

  12. I am drawn to the star design, but any of them are striking. Beautiful blocks.

  13. STARRY!!! or Pinwheels. Or the last one with geese coming and going. Or anyofthem!!! Which one did YOU pick? I hope we will see the one you made soon. I'm not good at waiting. *tap, tap, tap*


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