Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another Pillow Cover Finish :)

Ahh, another relatively quick but oh so satisfying finish :) Cally is now winging her way back to MN with another pillow cover :) She had a blast digging through the scraps from her quilt to pick the majority of the fabric. Then more fun looking through all of my other fabric for the outside border.

There is nothing like sewing along with a cheerleader!! :) She picked quilting designs and stood and watched in amazement as I quilted her cushion cover. I think she is happy with it:
Pleased as punch ;)
More butterflies :) And the last little bit of that awesome spotted batik that I used on her butterfly pillow.
Ribbon candy in the spotted batik and the border got a design ala Kathleen. She uses this design a lot - and now I know why! LOVE! :)
Scribble quilting in the text print with YLI nylon thread. Love the effect of mashing down that part but totally leaving the fabric as the star :)
On more . . . the excitement of being the quilt holder is fading fast at this point!
The heart block is a free paper piece block from Juliet over at TheTartan Kiwi. Her paper piecing patterns are absolutely wonderful. One of the zebras is on my list of must do. . . MUST do :) I haven't decided which yet. . . hopefully the hardest part will be picking which one. . . a girl can dream right? LOL

And the back:
I had just enough of the butterfly fabric to sew it together for the back of the pillow. It looks like the seams don't line up on the two sides, but they do. . . if you look towards the bottom you can see it is gaping open :)
"Are you kidding me?? How many pictures do you need???" LOL OK, she didn't really say that but when I looked at this picture, I think that's exactly what she was thinking :D
Fabrics are all from my stash and scraps left from Cally's quilt and pillow cover. Once again, yay for scraps. . . cannot believe I am saying that!! They absolutely do come in very handy when paper piecing :)

We had a week filled with sewing, swimming and lunching :) We had lunch with Cally's Jr. High teacher who retired after the last school year. So much fun to spend some time with her and catch up! She also got to have a visit with the wonderful woman who cut her hair for years. Jody still cuts my hair so I get to see her regularly but Cally has not seen her in a very long time. She was very excited to get to spend some time with her as well.

Now, it is back to getting that Q3 list done! Can I just say that the Q4 list has started and is growing? LOL I have Sparkle Punch all cut out and the first blocks sewn. I think this one is going to take a little time... lots of sew, cut, iron, sew, cut, iron, cut action going on with each block. And there are a lot of blocks! I'll do a separate post on my progress soon.

Linking up with Finish It Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts. There is never a shortage of quilty inspiration over there so, if you haven't already, check it out!

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. It sounds like you and Cally had a great time together! The finished pillow cover looks great, and I hope her move goes really smoothly. :)

  2. Cally does make a great quilt holder. You can tell she loves her other pillow, even if you did take a lot of pictures. ;) I love that she was able to select things and see it happen.

  3. Swimming, sewing and lunching - what a great week. The pillow is very cute! I've been wanting to make some pillow covers - is the back a single layer of fabric?

  4. Sounds like you ladies had a great time together. You make a great sewing/quilting team, I can tell she is pleased to bits with her new pillow!

  5. What a lovely pillow - I certainly share Cally's amazement every time I sew pieces of fabric together!

  6. Ha! You're right about the look on Cally's face in the last shot - she could have been thinking exactly what you said! What a wonderful time for both of you. I'll bet Cally will cherish her beautiful, new pillow because it will remind her of time spent with you.

  7. Love the heart against that text print, really makes it pop!

  8. The pillow cover is so pretty! It will look great with Cally's quilt! Sounds like you both a great visit.

  9. Its lovely and sounds like great fun - you can never have enough photos or cushions!

  10. Cally is adorable Judy! She looks so delighted with her cushion cover too. The difference in her expression fro the first to the last photo had me laughing. :) It looks like you guessed exactly what Cally was thinking, LOL. I'm glad you had such a great visit together. We all could use quilting cheerleaders.

  11. I'm giggling here, a couple thousand miles east of you..."I love scraps" Q3 FAL list...line-up for Q4... WIPs...bahaha, you are so far gone now, in a most awesome way! Like I said to Jasmine, quilting and creating with a loved one just makes it that much more ... hmm, satisfying? zen-ish? incredible? (no words really will describe the feeling). The cushion is fabulous, love that heart! And the butterflies fabrics on the back, perfection. So glad you two had such a good week.

  12. Um Ya - I would be smiling too!!! What a fun thing to do together!

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