Friday, August 21, 2015

Jason's Quilt Finished

It feels really good to have this one finished! This is finish number four of my list of seven for the Q3 FAL over at On the Windy Side. I don't know if I'll finish everything on the list, but I'm going to get darn close! :)

I did it. . . I was actually able to restrain myself and do only straight line quilting on this quilt! I know! I can hardly believe it myself!! You can read about the flimsy finish here and find the information on how you can make these blocks here. But before you check those links out, let's have a look!
Now that it is finished, I'm still not in love, but I think I might like it ;)

I used Prisms on the back again. My love affair with this backing fabric continues. I bought mine from Backside Fabrics. This link is to all of their modern wide quilt backs. I'm not affiliated, just a really happy customer. The prices are great and the shipping is fast!

Quilt Stats:
Finished Size: 64" x 71.5" after washing
Fabric: FQ bundle of Doe and background fabric is Kona Charcoal. Backing is Prisms in Royal by Studio e.
Thread: Aurifil 40 wt 2250 on top and King Tut Lapis in the bobbin. Yeah, another shocker - only two threads used! :)
Batting: Quilter's Dream Wool. My new roll should be delivered Monday!! Woot woot! :)
Yup, that's red thread :) I was a little nervous about this decision but I have to say, I like it! :)

Just another gratuitous picture from another angle ;)
The only part I haven't talked about is the quilting. I quilted the entire quilt with my walking foot. I thought using my FMQ foot would be quicker to fill in the triangles and it was. . . except that my tension decided to go wonky and I didn't check it after I started quilting the quilt. I did after some stitching on a practice piece, but not on the quilt. . . and it was off. . . way off. So I spent a couple of hours ripping. Since there were relatively big loops on the back and this was straight line quilting, the ripping went relatively quickly but that didn't relieve the frustration of having to do it in the first place! I have had Rosanne for a little over a year now, it is probably time to take her in for her tune up. . . but that means I have to go without my machine for a few days. . . That seems like torture!

Hmmm, thought I got all of the Nug hair off of it before I started snapping. . .
I did some marking and then followed the marked line with the walking foot. I did not SITD first which means there is some distortion of the blocks. I made a very conscious decision about not SITD first. Chalk it up to lazy and just wanting to have this top done. Not a very good or technical reason but it's the truth :) When I got to the triangles on the left and right I decided to go random :) I can only be restrained for so long, people! They are still straight lines, and I'm pretty sure all of the shapes in those areas are triangles. I just kept slashing through with more straight lines until there was enough quilting to balance out the straight line more conventional triangles in the top and bottom quadrants of the quilt. That part was fun ;)

I decided to go scrappy with the binding using some of what was left of the FQ. I'm still not in love with this quilt. . . but I'm not the one that has to love it, right? :) There is still the matter of the 200 resulting HSTs from making the blocks. . . What to do with them. . . I can't believe that there were no takers for my request plea for someone to square them up! ;) They will have to wait. Nod to Gees Bend is next. It has awaited its finish long enough! My hope is that there will be another Friday finish next week! I just need to keep this sewing mojo flowing!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday and I'll be linking up with the linky party at the end of the quarter over at On the Windy Side. Lots of inspiration to be found in both places!

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. I like the straight line quilting. I just FINALLY finished the purple Jewel Burst top and drew out some lines to quilt with my walking foot too. I find it time consuming to constantly rotate in the centre, but think the effect is worth it. It'll have free-motion on it too, though :) I have to admit, I did a second take at the red thread too! The backing is fantastic.

  2. I really laughed out loud when you said you restrained yourself, Judy, because I immediately saw the freer straight line quilting that pops up here and there. It might be straight line, but it still has a distinctive flair that I love about your work. :) Congratulations on another finish and I hope the sewjo sticks and there is another wonderful finish to show off next week!

  3. Congrats on the finish! It looks really neat and still has the special Judy Quilt touch even with just straight lines. The red is bold, but so perfect. I don't love every quilt I make (which is a good thing because then I'd want to keep them all). And you are right that it is the recipient who needs to love it. I'm sure he will.

  4. Lovely finish. I think the straight line quilting really works with the fabric line.

  5. Amazing what "just" straight line quilting adds to this quilt. I have been studying it (you know me) right from the first photo, my eyes zooming around from this to that. The random triangles created by your "slashing through with more straight lines" look SO COOL. I am not a fan of this fabric either but this block--! and the way you did the layout: I see squares on point, I see arrows, chevrons, funky M-looking things (that's a quilt block right?). Awesome. And the Nugs' hair on it...should've taken a pic with his body there too then, and killed two parties, er birds, with one stone, the FAL and Pets on Quilts! Maybe some hair would count?!

  6. It turned out wonderful!! Congrats to you to stay on task of straight line quilting ;-)

  7. What a great finish and the blocks are amazing! The quilting is wonderful and so perfect for this quilt!

  8. Congrats on the finish! It turned out beautifully. Like isn't a bad thing, definitely better than hate.

  9. I really like it! This is a great boy quilt. The straight line quilting in red is perfect for it.

  10. I love the juxtaposition of straight lines vs straight line triangles!! It really works well and the red is great. I am loving all the ideas I am getting for my own quilting.

  11. Love your quilting. The thread is perfect ad the straight line quilting is fabulous.

  12. I was looking forward to this reveal to see what you would do and the straight line really works. Congrats on another finished quilt - you are on a roll!

  13. The quilt turned out wonderful. I love the red quilting. It added another layer of interest. If I square up those HST for you, you will not be getting them back! LOL!

  14. "Just" straight line quilting eh? Judy, this is so much more than that an looks entirely awesome! I do love the look of this quilt.
    You are really going to town on finishes lately - hooray for you!

  15. Looking good and well done for keeping up with your list!

  16. Of COURSE you had to unleash the quilting beast and do random, slashing triangles! Of COURSE!!! And, I'm so glad you did. Great finish, Judy!

  17. So beautiful! Love the different quilting designs you have done on different parts of the quilt.

  18. It is a great block ! And I love those colours. Congratulations.


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