Friday, April 3, 2015

A Nod to Gee's Bend or Tribute to FLW?

Don't faint! Post number three for the week!! :)

Remember this post? It's OK, if you haven't seen it, check it out - I'll wait :) There were a lot of really awesome suggestions. Do you ever get tunnel vision with a quilt? That happened to me with this top. I was stuck. When I read many of the suggestions, I thought, wow, I never thought of that! So I tried all of them. And finally settled. I decided this quilt is going to be a LOT to look at. Might as well go for it right? I believe Jasmine was the first to suggest putting the square panels together. OHHH, I really liked that! Then I started moving strips around and decided on the final layout. Pictures please!!
Yup, I sewed all those panels together into one panel :)

The color is so hard to capture but this is a pretty good picture of all of the colors.
The lower portion, you can kind of see the shimmer of the Oakshotts in this one :)
One more, different position. . . this is a big top, it's hard to get a good picture.
 I was surprised at how square it turned out after the nightmare of putting those triangles together! I was also amazed that there are no 'puffy spots.' Because I don't have a fence or any other structure tall enough to get a good full shot of this top, it is kind of hard to tell in the pictures. But I don't think I am going to have any issues with quilting due to sagging and bagging :) 

This one is now folded up and waiting its turn for quilting. I finally bit the bullet and put the rose linen quilt under the needle! I've made very little progress as of the typing of this post. Mainly because the stencil does not lend itself well to continuous lines . . . I'm trying to figure out how to get as much quilting done as possible without starting and stopping every five inches. . . Burying threads is not my favorite activity no matter how cool a burying technique is ;) Stay tuned. I have a feeling once I figure this out, it will go much quicker. . . and I'll post an update when I have something worthy of showing! 

Back to the top. Do you think Gee's Bend when you look at it? Or do you think Frank Lloyd Wright? I can see both. And for the quilting, what color thread would you use? I'm thinking maybe black. . . crazy? Probably!! LOL I used black in this one. Talk about scary!! But I think it turned out well! I have a plan for the quilting design. That could change. . . OK, it always changes from this stage to the stage I am actually quilting!! Or maybe gray in the color portions and color thread in the gray portions? Multiple colors. . . match three or for colors in the top? Spread the color craziness? Too much? Wow, that's a LOT of ? marks! :) What color would you use?

OK, back to quilting! I might take breaks from the linen quilt to work on quilting this one. . . I'm kind of excited about getting this one finished! Have an awesome quilty weekend and I hope you come see me again next week! :)

Linking up with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts. Yup, she's back! Check out her post from yesterday. . . I'm seeing that block as a one block quilt. . . would that not be awesome??? Some people are all about that bass, 'bout that bass, 'bout that bass. . . I'm all about those big blocks!! :D

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. I vote colorful thread on the gray areas and a blending thread on the colors! The came together really well, the colors and lines are so pretty!

  2. It looks great and I definitely think Gee's Bend when I see the quilt top. I would personally probably go for a matching gray thread all over for this one; I bet it would blend in better over all those colors than you might think! I also know what you mean about quilting patterns that require a lot of stopping and starting; have you considered just backtracking to get to the next spot to quilt? I will "cheat" like that sometimes - even Angela Walters suggested it in the class I took with her at QuiltCon.

  3. I'd use a gray that matches the outer solid over the entire thing, but that's just me. I'd accent the texture of the quilting over the thread since you have a lot going on visually already.

  4. My first thought was I'd use a gray just a little darker than your gray solid fabric. BUT then I looked at it again, you could use a darker gray thread on the gray, then use a purple thread in the blue/purple sections and a lime green in the ones with green/yellows. I just think with so much color in there already it might be overpowering to use a color on the gray, just my little ole thoughts!

  5. I love your layout! Putting the squares together and the triangles on the outside worked better than I imagined. I love how the cool colors are towards the edges and the warm colors are mostly in the middle. I vote for gray on the colors. Then after that is quilted I would test different threads on the gray. You just unwind several feet of thread and see how it looks. But I think it would be easier to decide the look you are going for once the main part is quilted.

    And I'm so looking forward to seeing the rose linen. Have fun quilting!

  6. It's brilliant! I love that there's so much to look at and then the grey is nice and restful on the edges. Have you got a variegated quilting thread - something with red/blue/purple/yellow would pick up all of the colours in the pieced section without being too overwhelming and pushing one colour to the fore at the expense of the others.

  7. It came out wonderful and at first glance it takes me to Unique Modern Gee's Bend--Love it! If I were quilting it--I would go with a med to semi dark gray (there are more than 50 shades--you should see my drawer). You are ROCKING Diversity in the quilts---Love That!

  8. This ended up quite well. Definitely great suggestion to put those square blocks into center. I'm curious how you quilt the heck out of it.

  9. I immediately thought of a variegated...I used a King Tut on my grandson's quilt that was primary colours and it looked awesome. Angela Walters uses a pale yellow, can't recall the colour, and she said it goes with everything. I looked at your link though, and man, that black thread looked fantastic too. I see nothing wrong with using multiple colours/types though, so more is maybe better on this one too? I think the eye will be immediately drawn to the striped areas, so maybe if you're going to quilt the snot out of it, use a grey on the grey and then the quilting details will be like a second "wow!" for the viewer. So much movement and possibility here!

  10. The layout looks great. I am too tired to even think of what color I would use to quilt it, but I am sure you will pick the perfect color!

  11. Love those bright colors with the dark grey strip along side! It looks Gees Bend to me too Judy.
    LOL - I was just going to suggest using two different King Tut variegated threads to quilt it and lo and behold i look up and there is Sandra's comment saying the same thing. I just did some matchstick quilting and mixed lines of solid threads and King Tut variegated threads and the the result looks very cool.
    Just looked at the quilt you used black thread for and I love that too.

  12. I'd go pinks & lemons on the grey! Definitely looks Gees Bend to me!

  13. I think this is an awesome quilt, I just love it.

  14. I think this is an awesome quilt, I just love it.

  15. What a brilliant quilt! I love Gees Bend, FLW (my entry to QBF was inspired by a photograph of his architecture) and Oakshott (my current quilt-in-progress), so this quilt is for me an absolute winner!


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