Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blocks for Kids :)

Hey! Don't faint, I am posting twice in a week!! :) After finishing Shock Waves, my machine is back in piecing mode for a bit! Which means I have something to share!

Yvonne, over at Quilting Jet Girl, requested blocks for a quilt for two very deserving kids. I had to jump on the bandwagon and whip up a couple! I love this project, not only do two kids get quilts that I'm sure will be loved but they will be helping with the making of the quilt - how cool is it that they will learn how to make a quilt in the process?! What an awesome idea to pass this craft/art on to two children that obviously have some talent in this area :)

I decided to do a little internet search for boat and musical note blocks. Yvonne had provided a link to a great PP music note but variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to music, right? Here are my blocks:

I thought the birds added a little touch of whimsy to the sail boat :)
I had just barely enough of this music print left from my black and white quilt to add to the music note. . . maybe scraps are not a bad thing ;)
Both blocks are paper pieced. The patterns are free (bonus!). The boat can be found here and the quarter note can be found here. There are no instructions, just the pattern so some knowledge of paper piecing is required. My knowledge is very limited basically nonexistent so after ripping out stitches that were set at 1.4 (I know, glutton for punishment!) to try and get the 1 and 2 spots covered for the note, I just left them out. . . I think it looks fine and I wanted to get these blocks in the mail. . . and my frustration level was rising so I just decided to see how it looked. I think it turned out just fine, frustration gone, blocks done ;)

If you have a little extra time and a few scraps of fabric that are just screaming to be used for a good cause, check out Yvonne's request for blocks and join the fun :) While you are over there, check out Yvonne's quilts! You will not be disappointed, I promise, pinky swear even! :)

I'm off to the post office and to finish the Oakshott quilt top (not at the post office of course, I'll come back home to do that!!). Decisions have been made and it is mostly sewn together. . . oh my, another post this week?? Potentially so :) OH and I went to the Arizona Quilter's Guild quilt show last weekend! Stay tuned, I have pictures of the modern quilt entries and find out what made me stand in place gawking for two hours! :) Holy Hannah! Three posts in a week??? Been awhile since that has happened, but it could. . . Stay tuned!

Linking up with Jen over at Quilter in the Closet for Building Blocks Tuesday. This is a first for me! If you are looking for some block inspiration, check it out. Also linking up with Lorna for Let's Bee Social and Lee for WIP Wednesday

Be back soon and in the mean time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. Thank you so very much for making these blocks! I am having a sewing date with a lady in town today, so hopefully we'll be able to combine to make a few blocks.

    You stood and gawked at something for two hours? It must be amazing! I can't wait to learn more!! :)

  2. Love the blues, and that music fabric--!! Might make you a scraps quilter yet....Heading over to check out Yvonne's blog and her request. :-)

  3. These blocks are great! I do like the birds, like seagulls at the beach!

  4. Fun blocks! Maybe, just maybe ... scraps ...?! Judy?!!!!
    Seriously: love the boat and the music note. Thanks for the link to the block site.

  5. I love how you took a square block and made it fit her sizes. Great idea! I need to get working on blocks for those sweet children.

  6. I think adding the themed-- lower volume fabrics-- to be the perfect added touch. Great Blocks.

  7. Both blocks turned out fabulously! Can't wait to hear about your quilt show experience. You have us in quilty suspense!

  8. Oh Judy, these are pretty! What a perfect fabric choices!


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