Monday, October 13, 2014

Flurries in my DW Forecast!

Word light, picture heavy post. I finished three of the four snowflakes for Snowflake Version 2 for the Snowalong!! I have cut the time WAY down, have had to rip out WAY less and all of this PP business is making way more sense to my flakey brain! (see what I did there?? haha) So here they are, Snowflake 2, versions 1, 3 and 4. And I've thrown in a picture of all four snowflakes just so you can see that there really is a flurry going on right here in AZ :) Oh, and yes Sandra (and others who may wonder) it does snow in AZ up in the mountains. I have actually seen snow here in Phoenix on a couple of occasions over the past 20 years :) So here we go, into the snow storm!

Snowflake 2, Version 1
Snowflake 2, Version 3
Snowflake 2, Version 4
It's officially a flurry! LOL
Here is a better picture of Snowflake 1, Version 1.
I'm going to have to call out the snow plows soon!! :D
So my plan is to make three different versions of each of the 6 patterns. I think I have a plan for a quilt once I have 18 blocks. . . I'll figure it out more concretely once I get a few more blocks. Joanne has Version 3 up today! My plan is to make 5 more this week. . . Two more versions of Snowflake one and all three versions of Snowflake 3. Then I'll be all caught up. I will also be quilting on Off Course this week. I'm not even going to kid myself into thinking it will be done by the end of the week. I will say this - it will be almost there :) 

Linking up with Joanne for the Snowalong and with Judy for DW Monday.

Will be back on Wednesday to share more about my first quilt show! I'm still smiling ;)

Until next time, keep on quilting!
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  1. Love, love, love your snowflakes. They really pop against those yummy background fabrics. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love the way these are looking, Judy, and the slight variations in the pattern are super interesting and fun to go looking for!

  3. Awesome! Those are gorgeous.looks like they would take forever to finish

  4. I see mug that wrong??? :) Fun designs, look like a lot of work.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I downloaded the second and third patterns while they're free. I'm glad I didn't miss out entirely!

  6. Very cute! They are going to look great all together

  7. I love your flurry. I can't wait to see what layout you will do with 18 blocks. To my symmetrical mind, 20 makes more sense.

  8. Love these! I think I might have to jump into the Snow-along.

  9. Awesome blocks, Judy! You are so right: they do get easier. And addictive. Wait til you read what my flakey brain did on this second one this afternoon. And yeah, I'm admitting to it publicly!

  10. You have created a Blizzard! Well for a rough start you sure have taken off! They all look wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing your Winter Wonderland In Snow!

  11. Between you and your snowflakes and me and my snowmen(see my blog) we have a blizzard happening!!

  12. Very nice! I still haven't been able to find time in my schedule to get mine sewn. I'm worried I will still be sewing them next summer!


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