Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday. . . Monday. . .

So here it is. . . Monday again. What is on my design wall? . . . Not one thing! Wha what?? No really, big blank white space. BUT. . . I finished a quilt top last week AND a quilt back. . . hey now! The blank wall looks a little better :)

Quickly, before I get into that, have you heard about the 2014 Scrap Quilt Challenge?? Button on the top on my sidebar - check it out and show off your scrap quilts! :)

So what was the finished top and why didn't I post about it? It is the top I came up with for the Cotton Couture Pastel Challenge for QuiltCon. . . MQG sent the email a little over a month ago for the challenge. I'm going to say this - it is a challenge for me as this is NOT my typical color pallet. . . I hadn't posted because I wasn't sure it was 'allowed.' Whatever, I looked, didn't see anything so I'm publishing ;)

My submission for this challenge (it has to go through the same jury process as other quilts in QuitCon so just because I'm making the quilt, doesn't mean it auto-magically gets in) came to me in stages over a couple of days. Once I started cutting, the design came together rather quickly. I decided to use the Side Kick ruler (LOVE). I did y-seams! OK, they are not difficult! The BEST video I found was Kay Wood. I thought, how can she show how to do a y-seam in 5 minutes or less??? C'mon! She did. . . and it works!! And no marking, pinning or leaving part of seams . . . well seamless.  Check it out, I'll wait! Seriously, if you have been avoiding patterns because of y-seams - give this a whirl! OK, I sound like a paid commercial. I'm just so excited about being able to do MULTIPLE (5 to be exact) y-seams and NOT ONE buckled or wrinkled!! MHWAA Thank You, Kay!!

OK, the top. Here it is in stages. The last one is the finished top with some quilting lines drawn in . . . looks good on the picture but I'm not sure it is going to work on the quilt. . . I have it basted and will start quilting it today and make the decision.  Here we go:
OK, this isn't looking too bad. . . but. . . how the heck am I going to sew it together?? LOL
Looks pretty good, not in love with it. . . how can I figure out how to sew it together with NO y-seams.... Me and my bright ideas. . . ;)
YAY, Y-seam was PAINLESS!! It is located where the green star border starts on the bottom right of the lowest top star arm (that's confusing huh? extra points for following that!! HA)

Could not take it. . . I had lighter gray (Fog) for the background but ordered Clay. . . needed a little darkening up for my taste, that works :)
Walking foot or FMQ with rulers. . . hmmmm. . . :)
The back, using the Fog solid I had bought for the front - I think going darker for the front was the right choice.
The rules are, front ALL Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids with the main focus on the pastels (which were predetermined) and the back an binding can be print/solid but must be Michael Miller. I'm not sure how I am going to bind this. I'm thinking maybe the Clay. I have enough. Or maybe one of MM's striped fabrics (I have more in my stash). . . maybe a scrappy border using what is left of the solids. . . I'm not sure, I have time and I have all of the options right here in my possession so I don't have to wait :)

OK, this post is longer than I intended and I have to get to the store (grocery, quilt shop isn't open yet! LOL) and then I have to go to the LQS. . . thread for the star part of the quilt needs to be figured out and purchased.

HEY - if you are looking for quilting books - Connecting Threads is having a sale! 40% off!!! And that's off ALL books while they last - all the latest stuff is there. Go ahead, check it out! My books are on the way :D I'm not connected with Connecting Threads in any way - this is a great deal and I thought I would pass it on. I may have some things to say about quilting books later this week - again, my unsolicited honest opinion about the books I purchased with my husband's hard earned money. . . ;)

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Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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  1. I love how the top turned out, Judy! Wow! I like your idea for quilting - it will help make the stars seem like they are radiating and the center of attention. I love that they are large and bold and offset - goodness, it might not be your typical color palette, but I really like what you did with it!

  2. Whoa!!! LOVE that quilting! And the design is quite unique!

    1. Almost exactly what I was going to say! LOL!! Love that star pattern!

  3. Such a great design, and I love the quilting lines. Thanks for letting us see it. I will admit that I was surprised by the pastel picture, but now it makes sense. :)

  4. The design is great. I'm with you on the darker background. It helps make those pastels pop a little. Have fun with the quilting. What you've drawn there seems like a good start.

  5. Looking good! Nice design indeed!

  6. I really like what you are coming up with and just imagine what it will look like quilted!!

  7. I saw this this morning and didn't have time to post ! Love the movement and modern take on a traditional patter! Wow! The gray makes it pop and I can't wait to see more!

  8. Wow. It is a beauty but I am a sucker for star quilts. Well done.

  9. turned out wonderful!!! Inlove the quilting

  10. Love, love, love the stars - and the quilting plan is fabulous!!!! Just beautiful.

  11. Good for you! Y seams are scary.....

  12. Love the quilt plan and that dark background was just the ticket! The back is pretty awesome too. I do love a good pieced back. :) Congrats on conquering the y-seam!

  13. Beautiful and the quilting is so striking on it!

  14. I see what you are saying about the pastel colors. I am the same way. there is nothing "pastel" about me ;-p
    That said, I LOVE how the two stars mesh together. Star-crossed or starry-eyed, this one is going to be a stellar quilt. I vote for walking foot.

  15. The darker background really does make a huge difference! I'd be tempted with the binding to try and match the colours with the stars along the side but that would probably be too fiddly :D your quilting plan looks great!

  16. I do like the darker background as well. I love soft pastels... I will have to look into the Y-seam video you mentioned. I know years ago we did a block that required it in our guild and it wasn't nearly as scary as one first thought. Made for a very cool block too I recall. Love your backing! and... I understood your Y-seam start sentence. Had to read it 3 times and look back and forth at the picture, but I see it! Kinda like my squares replacing 1/2-square triangle squares sentence, right?! ;-)

  17. I really like the darker background and would suggest using thread colors from the stars, so it's like the colors of the star radiating out into the sky / background. So what are you going to quilt in the stars? Might I suggest spiral feathers???

  18. The darker background really sets off those pastel stars... as does the quilting with the lighter thread.


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